Audi A8 is an all in all Luxury

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Sep 21

A stylish outlook and a magnificent interior awaits

Audi A8 is among those cars that are a perfect alternative for a limousine. When you are not after the leading brands then this one is going to be a perfect pick. It seems as if there is a new world you are in. When you have money to spend on a lavish car inside out then go ahead.

The exterior is classy and the one big grill at the front enhance its styling even more. Then there is the cabin which is the place where you can find all the technology and a relaxing ride. It does not matter the drive is small or is it a long one the vehicle is going to be your best friend on the way.

Due to the vehicle being fit for the comfort aspect there is a somewhat dull ride for what the driving enthusiasts categorise it. But a limousine is not to give a fun drive with but the one that executive business persons want. The engine side varies on this aspect.

The standard engine is moderate for its performance while the optional list has better choices if you want a bit boost. Used Audi A8 engines for sale is a relief when there is an engine breakdown.

The four-wheel drive provides a sure footed drive

The vehicle has a four-wheel drive fitted as standard and that helps a lot to manage it in slippery road conditions. No matter which weather you are driving the car it is not going to slip. There is also a four-wheel drove steering in the Vorsprung forms.

This gives even more stability to the structure. The tires and steering wheel combine to allow the vehicle to turn or fit in tight spaces without causing the size hinder. But the vehicle is good when travelling on a straight road. But when on a twisty road there is body leans that is due to the standard air suspension.

Audi A8 specialises in a smooth comfortable ride and that makes it a leading opponent in the category. Only the very deep bumps can disturb the car otherwise you don’t find any issues or problems while driving. With the standard wheels, the vehicle is going to be noiseless. Even more, quietness can be attained with double glazed windows that are a cheap option.

Engine choice gives liberty to the buyer to shop the best fit

The engine line-up provided with this range is good and one can choose from the engines which one is right. The standard engine has 335 hp. This one is a good engine but the problem is that for a big car like this it is not enough for some. The engine may be good in the town but not like on the motorway with this engine.

It has to be pushed hard to be able to get the desired speed, especially on motorways while overtaking other vehicles. When added with a plug-in hybrid the output rises to 443 hp. The torque increases also and makes this vehicle pretty fast with a timing of 5 seconds or even less.

Apart from this, there are also optional two twin turbocharged V8 engines. One delivers 453 hp with the timing of 4.5 seconds for a 0-60 mph run. The second one is the range topper with 563 hp and the timing reduces to 3.8 seconds here. So the last one is extremely fast.

Even the base engine is mot less in any respect but due to the size of the vehicle, it may seem a bit underpowered. Reconditioned Audi A8 3.0-litre V6 petrol engines give an alternative source to engine failures.

The cabin facilitate the driver and the passengers as well

There is a very well organized and well thought interior. The driver gets a 22 way power setting seat. There are also 4 ways the lumbar support can be adjusted. To add more the steering wheel can move up and down and in and out. So there is a lot of adjustability’s the driver gets.

A proper position always adds to the driving pleasure. The rear passengers are not deprived of anything. There is a really good leg and headroom for them. The cabin is not a congested place it is airy and roomy plus it is bright. Travelling in the day allows sunlight to light up the cabin.

Also, there is a long list of infotainment present. As standard, there are two screens fitted. The upper one is larger 10.1 inches. This is meant to be for navigation, media display and smartphone integration. The second one is below the first one and this has different functions.

Climate control and seat function are some of the majors here and many rests of the settings can be done here. There has to be some effort at the start to learn about the infotainment system but when one becomes accustomed to it the rest flows smoothly. The display is sharp and the processing is fast. Despite the rich loss of standard tech present, there are options offered. These can be availed whenever you desire. Even the rear seat passengers have access to separate functions.