What would be the outcome of the fight between Lamborghini and Optimus Prime

The-Transformers-4-Optimus-n-BumbleBee 20
May 14

Continuing the robot fight saga, the Transformers continues with its fourth part and includes the BumbleBee with new looks Most of you must have watched the Transformers movies; they all have lot of action, very hot, super sexy cars and big rigs with mighty engines. They intend to mesmerise you for 90 minutes with all […]

Around the year 2013 in 13 Cars – Infographic

Top 13 Cars in 2013 13
Jan 14

The year 2013 was a massive for auto industry. The year saw birth of the next generation of hypercars and engines as well as every day cars. As the year draws to a close, now it’s time to reflect and roundup the biggest news stories and new car unveils of 2013.

World Exclusive – The new Lamborghini Huracan will start from where Gallardo left off

Dec 13

Just days before the official launch of Lamborghini’s new Gallardo successor, first official pictures of Lamborghini Huracan have appeared online. The number plate confirms it will be called Huracan. The overall shape isn’t too much of a departure from the Gallardo it replaces, while the front end takes its inspiration from the Aventador. The interior […]

20 Cars which hold on to their Value – Infographic

Dec 13

20 Cars which hold on to their Value Price of any car doesn’t stay same and over the years it goes down. CAP Black Book collects market data from 1.5 million purchases from all sectors of the car industry. We present to you 20 cars that depreciate the least in UK. The list includes high […]

World’s Most Exclusive Super Cars – Infographic

World's Most Exclusive Super Cars Infographic 2
Dec 13

World’s Most Exclusive Super Cars – Infographic Sportscars manufacturer do their best to cater the need of their customers, most of us want to have a car that no one they know has, but very few of us can afford to be able to do that even fewer can afford to have cars that has […]