2020 Will Be the Year of Self-Driving Technology

Tesla Model S 2016 18
Jul 16

Cars with self-driving attitudes are expected to create huge progress by the end of this decade Despite the cloud of doubt forged over autonomous vehicles following the Tesla Autopilot incident last week that killed the owner of the Model S, it is expected that driverless technologies will see a boom in the coming decades. Citing […]

Who Will Be The Ultimate Winner Of The Race For Fully Autonomous Cars?

Fully Autonomo Car 3
Nov 15

Toyota driverless cars will hit the roads by 2020! Toyota has also joined the race with other automobile manufacturers for driverless car, although it is in test phase, but the company promises to bring it for the public by 2020. The driverless car by Toyota named as “modified Lexus GS” and was shown on Tokyo’s […]

Do You Know About The Most Stunning Navigation App Out There?

Waze Active 21
Oct 15

The Google-owned navigation app “Waze” has some cool feature   Have you ever heard of “Waze”? It’s a navigation app that helps drivers to stay connected with one another. The fundamental theme of Waze is to provide a platform where the driver can share “common good” on the roads, Waze develops driving communities by connecting […]

Hitches to Clear Before Driverless Cars

What Google-Car sees 6
Feb 15

Self-driving cars are the future of automobiles but have to travel a long distance before becoming a reality   There are countless small hurdles in the pathway of driverless cars that can create problems in the launch and popularity of the new technology. Here are some of the most probable crimps that automakers should need […]

GM’s Former Vice Chairman Anticipates That Autonomous Cars are Safer than Regular Cars

Cadillac Super Cruise System 9
Sep 14

Bob Lutz anticipates that autonomous cars don’t drink, eat, sleep or even text while driving and they don’t get road fury For last couple of months, it has emerged as a common misunderstanding about autonomous cars being not safe and vulnerable to the criminal activities, but the producers of these cars are still confident about […]