Most Searched Replacement Car Engines in Dubai

Most Searched Replacement Car Engines in Dubai 29
May 23

A leading Car Spare Part Platform in UAE Shares Details of Car Engine Searches As the automotive industry continues to evolve, the demand for replacement car engines remains a crucial aspect for both car owners and spare part sellers. In this analysis, we delve into the data of engine enquiries on Partfinder UAE, a platform […]

How to organise a transport vehicle as a moving van like a professional

How to organise a transport vehicle as a moving like a professional 22
Mar 19

A vital part of every successful house move is the way to organise the moving van. If you don’t arrange possessions as a professional, you risk damaging everything during the drive to the new location. If you’ve arrived at the point in your life in which you need to move house then you need help. […]

How to clean your car? The dangers of poor car hygiene, dirty mats, upholstery and more.

How To Clean Your Car 30
Oct 18

We all love our cars. Most of the times, they are not just a vehicle for transportation. They become our homes. With them, we drive our kids to school and we go on vacations. We visit our friends. Inside we put pictures of our pets, family and places we love. And we want to keep […]

Tesla Owner killed in Florida Car Crash

Tesla Model S 11
Jul 16

Tesla owner killed in a Model S crash with tractor trailer was watching movie while using cars autopilot It is not the first accident in the United States in a self-driving vehicle, but it was the first causality indeed. The owner of the tesla model S died in the result. The owner of the Tesla […]

Carmakers Made to Rethink After ‘Brexit’

Brexit Leave EU 1
Jul 16

Auto Manufacturers are Predicting an Uncertain Future for Britain Following the Brexit Vote to Leave the EU Carmakers are hoping the UK is able to negotiate a more suitable trade agreement with the rest of the EU in the wake of the Brexit vote. The UK automotive industry could face a drop in sales and […]

What DS Will Bring in 2019?

PSA's Hybrid and Electric Future 30
May 16

DS has decided to welcome 2019 with some special technologies for cars’ lovers, read below to explore it! The confirmation has come from a company that DS will bring a lot of new technologies for fans. Be patient, it will come in 2019 with a number of new designs styles and functions. Don’t burn the candle at […]

How to Drive Your Car Safely? Safety Precautions on Hand

Safety Precautions 16
May 16

You should learn these tips and techniques before you get behind the wheel even you have a full driving license in the UK With the invention of car decades ago, it is noticed that the demand of the car has increased rapidly specially in the developed countries. Due to its facilities and convenience, people use […]

How VW Sharan is One of The Best MPV’s Out There?

Volkswagen Sharan 2016 11
Jan 16

Volkswagen Sharan the Best MPV Different Driving Modes SE models additionally get tinted glass, stopping sensors and voyage control as standard. Safety features have additionally been stretched out with the option of a standard-fit post-crash slowing mechanism. It applies the brake after an effect, guaranteeing that the vehicle is brought down to a moderate pace […]

Will Really The UK Be A Zero-Emission Zone By 2050?

Zero Emission 2050 14
Dec 15

A cleaner and greener the United Kingdom with Zero-Emission Vehicles According to the news, the UK government has joined the Zero Emission Vehicle Alliance. The Government has signed an agreement with 12 other members of the International Alliance. The International Alliance has been framed to support and encourage the development of the technologies which will […]

What is Another Major Cause of Car Accidents?

Car Accident 2
Dec 15

The latest research indicates “inappropriate footwear” is another crucial factor that causes car crashes   The latest research about the cause of car accidents has found out that the driving in “inappropriate footwear” results in car accidents on the road. The results of the research indicates that the 10% of the total car accidents have […]