Carmakers Made to Rethink After ‘Brexit’

Brexit Leave EU 1
Jul 16

Auto Manufacturers are Predicting an Uncertain Future for Britain Following the Brexit Vote to Leave the EU Carmakers are hoping the UK is able to negotiate a more suitable trade agreement with the rest of the EU in the wake of the Brexit vote. The UK automotive industry could face a drop in sales and […]

Beware of the Spy in Your Car – a Black box Will be Fitted in Every Car from 2015

Ford-Fiesta 19
May 14

Spy in Your Car New EU regulations say that all new cars need to have built-in spy box from October 2015 to track speed and driving habits. Motorists will be forced to have this new black-box or face sky-high insurance premiums. These devices are similar to the black-boxes fitted on aeroplanes. The new technology named […]

New EU Ruling Will Reduce Noise Pollution, by Increasing It

Low Emission Zone 7
Apr 14

New EU ruling will reduce noise levels of new ICE vehicles and make all electric cars use Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System The European Parliament has approved a law to reduce new car noise-levels by 4 decibels with means of a three-phase plan which will begin in 2016. The new law will also require all electric […]