Who Will Be The Ultimate Winner Of The Race For Fully Autonomous Cars?

Fully Autonomo Car 3
Nov 15

Toyota driverless cars will hit the roads by 2020! Toyota has also joined the race with other automobile manufacturers for driverless car, although it is in test phase, but the company promises to bring it for the public by 2020. The driverless car by Toyota named as “modified Lexus GS” and was shown on Tokyo’s […]

Do You Know About The Most Stunning Navigation App Out There?

Waze Active 21
Oct 15

The Google-owned navigation app “Waze” has some cool feature   Have you ever heard of “Waze”? It’s a navigation app that helps drivers to stay connected with one another. The fundamental theme of Waze is to provide a platform where the driver can share “common good” on the roads, Waze develops driving communities by connecting […]

You Decide! If Volkswagen has Really Let Down its Customers’ Trust?

CEO of VW Group 23
Sep 15

  Volkswagen emissions scandal getting worse where the CEO of the company admits that they have cheated the emission tests   In the scandal of cheating the emission tests of new vehicles, Volkswagen is accused of breaking the trust of their customers. In this regard, Volkswagen could face almost £12billion fine for breaking the trust […]

I Know the Speed Limit, Sorry! I didn’t Remember.

Speed Limits 29
Aug 15

  It is quite shocking that people only remember 40mph speed limit and completely unaware of other speed limits.   There are thousands of people who are actively driving on the roads but the latest data has highlighted that majority of road users are unaware of the speed limit or simply don’t bother to remember […]

Takata is not Legally Bound to Answer Senate!

Takata Airbags 24
Aug 15

  Senate committee has arisen a detailed enquiry of Takata airbag and keen to bring it to public. The senator has put a question mark on the credibility and reliability on Takata’s airbags. The material used in the manufacturing of Takata’s airbag didn’t provide sufficient safety measure in the light of the recent unfortunate incident. […]

UK Learners Were Pathetic In Their Driving Test

UK Driving tests 29
Jul 15

  In the last year alone, more than 400 learners crashed their vehicles while sitting driving tests and surprisingly, 13 people made a record of failing more than 30 times   Sitting in a driving test is really a big deal for most of the learners, they usually get confused and crash their vehicles. This […]

Ferrari Became the Victim of Takata Airbag

Ferrari Recalls Takata airbags 22
Jul 15

  Takata is in real hot waters for its shrapnel-shooting airbags and almost all major auto manufacturers became the victim of these bags. With a recall of over 800 vehicles, Ferrari also joins the victim list. Takata AG has been in the news for its exploding airbags, and almost all major auto makers have been […]

Takata Needs Years to Fix Recalled Airbags

Takata Airbags 10
Jun 15

The mess created by Takata airbags is going to take years to be sorted through by the federal government and auto industry   On Tuesday, the Congress has been told by the chief of the regulatory agency of keeping motorists safe, that coordinating the largest consumer-product recall in US history would not be ready until […]

Is your Car’s Airbag OK? 34 Million Vehicles in U.S have Faulty Airbags

May 15

Faulty airbags in USA have led to almost 34 million cars being taken off the road by safety department There are more than 250 million vehicles on the U.S roads today and the majority of them have no idea that their cars are short-listed for the safety recall. It is the largest recall in the […]

Will You Be Able to Break Speed Limits in New Ford?

Intelligent speed ivmiter 9
Apr 15

  If you think you can beat the system, then you have to try the all new Ford S-Max. Most of the drivers, especially the younger ones, always find it bugging to follow the speed limits, thus they are found disobeying the rules set by the local government. If caught, they pay heavy fines but […]