Most Searched Replacement Car Engines in Dubai

Most Searched Replacement Car Engines in Dubai 29
May 23

A leading Car Spare Part Platform in UAE Shares Details of Car Engine Searches As the automotive industry continues to evolve, the demand for replacement car engines remains a crucial aspect for both car owners and spare part sellers. In this analysis, we delve into the data of engine enquiries on Partfinder UAE, a platform […]

Ford Blends Agility, Comfort and Practicality to Make the S-Max

Ford S-Max 2016 14
Mar 16

New ford S-Max offers sharp steerage, taut body control and rival to Alhambra, Sharan and Grand C4 Picasso Ford has always introduced some the best cars in the world and S-Max is one of those cars that make Ford proud. It has won the title for Car of the Year in 2007 and more than […]

Ford on its Way to Geneva with Full Throttle

Ford Fiesta ST 2017 29
Feb 16

Ford to present a series of new and improved models of its Fiesta ST, Vignale and S-Max at Geneva motor show Ford will launch new performance models and expanded Vignale portfolio along with fiesta ST and S-Max at this year’s Geneva motor show. The media and automotive news has sprinkled some spice on the rumours […]

Ford Fiesta Mountune 230 Injected With More Firepower

Ford Fiesta ST 2016 10
Feb 16

Ford Fiesta now gets more firepower with new racing upgrades from Mountune, but these upgrade can void your original Ford warranty Specialist racing tuner Mountune offers a series of tweaks with a promise to inject even more firepower into world favourite hot hatch, the Fiesta ST. Experts have already tasted of MP215 upgrade with the 33bhp […]

Ford Focus and C-Max Production is Ending

Michigan Assembly plant 13
Jul 15

  Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, MI, will no longer be producing the Focus and C-Max after 2018. The production of Ford Focus and C-Max will be shifting to Mexico, the tweet from the United Auto Workers Ford Department hinted. It has not been confirmed from Fordyet but the following statement from Ford shouts […]

The Super Snake Is Back

Super Snake 3
Jul 15

Ford Mustang is a true heart stopper, but when it gets treatment from Legendary Shelby, it becomes unbelievably, an exotic killer. Mustang-based “Super Snake” has recently been unveiled by the legendary muscle car tuning company, Shelby, with up to 750 supercharged horses and carbon-fibre aerodynamic enhancements. What About 750 Supercharged Horses? The original Mustang uses […]

ECOnetic Helps Fiesta to Travel Longer Distances

Ford Fiesta econetic 4
Jun 15

  Ford ECOnetic is the most efficient technology that makes the Fiesta extra fuel efficient than ever before   Ford ECOnetic technology is one of the most modern fuel-saving technologies that boost engine performance. When it comes to the Ford Fiesta engines, it returns best ever fuel saving figures. With the ECOnetic technology Ford Fiesta […]

Will You Be Able to Break Speed Limits in New Ford?

Intelligent speed ivmiter 9
Apr 15

  If you think you can beat the system, then you have to try the all new Ford S-Max. Most of the drivers, especially the younger ones, always find it bugging to follow the speed limits, thus they are found disobeying the rules set by the local government. If caught, they pay heavy fines but […]

An Insight into the 2014 Ford Mondeo

2014 Ford Mondeo 11
Oct 14

Inside story of the 2014 Ford Mondeo The new Ford Mondeo was definitely worth the wait. It’s much more mature and refined than its ancestors. It has a modern yet familiar feel, but it has lost a good deal of its driver’s car character. It used to be the sharpest steer in the class but […]

Aluminium Body Ford F-150 Will Not Happen Till Spring Next Year 

Ford F-150 Truck 2015 25
Aug 14

Some customers have ordered customised Ford F-150 trucks that will soon go into production at Dearborn Mich., plant but buyers won’t get their hands on bespoke F-150 till summer next year Ford says that some of their ‘the best truck customers’ will have to remain calm and wait till next spring to get their hands […]