Ford Fiesta Mountune 230 Injected With More Firepower

Ford Fiesta ST 2016 10
Feb 16

Ford Fiesta now gets more firepower with new racing upgrades from Mountune, but these upgrade can void your original Ford warranty

Specialist racing tuner Mountune offers a series of tweaks with a promise to inject even more firepower into world favourite hot hatch, the Fiesta ST. Experts have already tasted of MP215 upgrade with the 33bhp boost for just £599.

What’s new?

Now, Mountune is going to offer a ‘Racing’ kit for Fiesta ST that will make it more efficient. The MR230 setup will inject 15bhp extra into the existing power delivery, getting that figure up to 227bhp.

The Fiesta ST MR230 is very fast on the road. It’ll run from 0-60 in 5.9 seconds, Which shows that it is one second faster than any standard Ford Fiesta trim, but six-tenths faster than the bigger and powerful Focus ST. The extra 50Nm of torque comes from the engine to boost the acceleration response.

Best hot hatchbacks

Ford Fiesta is already known for the blowing performance. It allows to pass the slower moving traffic like a pro.

The turbo reveals the perfect tuned boost and it allows the driver pull up motorway slip roads like a whirlwind. The new exhaust emits environmental friendly carbon even under hard acceleration, it turns into an intrusive drone on the motorway.

Small but best car

Keep in mind that it’s small but its performance isn’t little, you can say that it has the strong heart in its small body. It’s simple to drive like a humble 1.0-litre Ecoboost engine gives it more oomph in terms of fuel economy, while on the go.

Its cabin is identical, having the same rear seat space and a matching boot. . It includes the new high-flow air box, alloy intercooler, air filter and cat-back exhaust. You can adjust in the any current generation giving the seven hours to fit.

Ford Vs. Mountune Warranty

The lack of manufacturer warranty emerged like a big problem. The Performance kits – like the MP215 package fitted to our old long-termer – maintain Ford’s original guarantee, but these higher-spec ‘Racing’ kits invalidate it. Mountune offers 12-month warranty on all parts supplied, If your ST gets two years, you have not much to lose.