Toyota Verso Going Towards Improvement

Toyota Verso 5
Mar 19

Taking place in the market among capable rivals When you hear the name Toyota, it is a common notion that you are talking about reliability and practicality. Which is true for many of the creations still present in the market and one thing that you can be very sure of is the unswerving nature which […]

Toyota MR2 Small Sport Car

Toyota MR2 8
Feb 18

Toyota engines are not only fuel efficient but powerful too The car was first introduced in the 1980s to compete with its striking look and exciting driving in the class of sports cars. The first generation of this car was equipped with an engine of 112 horsepower. That 1.6-litre engine managed to accelerate from zero to […]

Features in The New Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla 17
Nov 17

Selling over a million cars every year is certainly encouraging Among compact cars of this year Toyota Corolla has been placed in middle and its salient features are reliability that is the result of years of efforts by the company and safety package that includes advanced features. Fuel economy is also commendable and the cabin […]

The Toyota Celica, A Car with Versatility

Toyota Celica 1
Mar 17

Powerful Petrol Engines are Perfect for Speed Toyota Celica, has been one and only of its style The Toyota Celica is a sports car produced by the house of Toyota from 1970. From its beginning to the present it has been introduced in different models, powertrains and trim levels, all over the world. Toyota used […]

New Safety Features Packed Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla 2017 20
Feb 17

New Toyota Celica rumoring to hit the market soon One thing no one can deny about Toyota Branded Vehicles is that whatever feature they are lacking, according to the critics, reliability remains in every car. No matter how old the model, it runs smoothly if taken proper care of Toyota has been giving the market […]

Next Level in the Go-Green Technology – New Toyota Prius 2016

Toyota Prius 2016 1
Aug 16

It is not only a Hybrid car, the Prius is more than what a go-green car can do The Toyota is entering its 4th generation of the Prius engine with petrol-electric hybrid technology and this is a complete re-engineering on Toyota’s New Global Architecture. Having the same Toyota Prius 1.8-litre petrol engine, the new car […]

Toyota GT 86 Strikes at New York Auto Show

Toyota GT 86 2016 11
Apr 16

At New York Motor Show, Toyota breaks the covers of its legendary GT 86 sports car Toyota has refreshed its GT 86 sports car and in the refined model automaker has added extra style and suspension gadgets but the Toyota engine will be the same with entire powertrain remained unchanged. The all new refined and […]

Toyota C-HR Crossover Makes its Way to Geneva

C-HR Crossover 24
Feb 16

Toyota C-HR hybrid crossover revealed on the way to Geneva Motor Show The all new Toyota C-HR crossover will be introduced at the Geneva Motor Show and you will see it for the first time in next couple of year, not exactly mentioned by the Japanese automaker. Toyota has shown a vague picture of the […]

KIA SUV Reborn As Niro HUV!

KIA SUV Concept 18
Nov 15

Kia has introduced the hybrid crossover small SUV, best described as “Hybrid Utility Vehicle” Kia named it Niro at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013 when the company debuted its first hybrid-crossover. The Niro is the first small SUV with the hybrid powertrain and petrol engine. Kia has high hopes with its stunning, stylish and striking […]

Who Will Be The Ultimate Winner Of The Race For Fully Autonomous Cars?

Fully Autonomo Car 3
Nov 15

Toyota driverless cars will hit the roads by 2020! Toyota has also joined the race with other automobile manufacturers for driverless car, although it is in test phase, but the company promises to bring it for the public by 2020. The driverless car by Toyota named as “modified Lexus GS” and was shown on Tokyo’s […]