Ford Grand C-Max is an Outstanding People Carrier with Good Interior

Ford C-MAX 1
Aug 17

Grand C-Max, with great practical approach, is an exceptional vehicle Ford Grand C-Max is a true representative of people carrier There are some other brands available in the market but Ford Grand C-Max is one of the best in its range due to its versatility, quality of the interior and huge engine range where is […]

Ford Focus and C-Max Production is Ending

Michigan Assembly plant 13
Jul 15

  Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, MI, will no longer be producing the Focus and C-Max after 2018. The production of Ford Focus and C-Max will be shifting to Mexico, the tweet from the United Auto Workers Ford Department hinted. It has not been confirmed from Fordyet but the following statement from Ford shouts […]

Plug in’s are thing from the Past – the Concept Ford C-MAX uses solar panels to recharge its batteries

Jan 14

Plug in’s are thing from the Past We knew that in future even plug in cars will be a thing of past, we were mistaken. The future is now as the Ford C-MAX Solar Energi Concept hybrid, which uses solar panels to recharge its batteries, will go on show at the International CES in Las […]