An Insight into the 2014 Ford Mondeo

2014 Ford Mondeo 11
Oct 14

Inside story of the 2014 Ford Mondeo

The new Ford Mondeo was definitely worth the wait. It’s much more mature and refined than its ancestors. It has a modern yet familiar feel, but it has lost a good deal of its driver’s car character. It used to be the sharpest steer in the class but not anymore as it had to sacrifice its character.

For Britain’s families and fleet managers, a new Ford Mondeo is always a hugely important car, but Ford has to work harder on this model than ever before. Its main contenders are the premium German brands and new stylish crossovers. The new polished and brilliant shape was first revealed at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2012.

The new Ford Mondeo is compared to US-spec Ford Fusion and in reality it has a lot in common with its North American cousin. We get lots of optional safety kits that are not available on the other side of Atlantic. We get our own electric power steering tune, new suspension settings and lots of optional safety kits. Detection and object detection with autonomous braking throughout the speed range are all the features of European spec Mondeo.

The European version uses physical buttons for its climate control interface, instead of the US Fusion’s touch-sensitive panel. Ford’s Sync 2 touchscreen panel is featured in all new Mondeos. It can flick through mind-boggling amount of information and is a very handy quick-reference feature.

All new Ford Mondeo 2.0 litre engine with 178bhp is a worthy competitor to a BMW 320d or Mercedes C220. A four-door, 99g/km petrol-electric hybrid is also available, with a 1.5-litre EcoBoost petrol four-cylinder being the other car in the range. The steering is very light, over-assisted and quick. This greener, smarter, much mature Mondeo has to fight for its place. Without a shadow of a doubt it is pretty neatly finished, polished car, but handling had to suffer.