The Honda Accord is Impressive with Good Look and Performance

Honda Accord 2017 6
Feb 17

Lack of new technology pulls it back from the rivals queue A Midsized Luxurious and well-equipped Family Saloon The Honda Accord is a well-known series of luxury saloon cars manufactured by Honda since 1976. Under the tag of Honda, Accord is manufactured all over the world and considered as a live option to choose for […]

Citroen C3 with Great New Features

Citroen C3 2017 4
Nov 16

Petrol Engine Offers Economy Ride and Thumping Look Satisfy Buyers A European car with something new is to capture automotive market share around the world. List of options has already been saturated but still a place is there for the powerful engine in the modish exterior. Cams that are connected are the most striking feature of it. […]

Subaru Levorg Getting the Spiritual Success at Legacy Tourer

Subaru Levorg Tourer 2016 8
Feb 16

The Levorg is the spiritual successor of the fourth generation Legacy Tourer and its six year production became the most favourite among Subaru devotees around the earth. Having the similar exterior dimension to the Legacy, the Levorg is called clever packing. It decided to have a lot of interior space. What New Levorg is all […]

Will You Be Able to Break Speed Limits in New Ford?

Intelligent speed ivmiter 9
Apr 15

  If you think you can beat the system, then you have to try the all new Ford S-Max. Most of the drivers, especially the younger ones, always find it bugging to follow the speed limits, thus they are found disobeying the rules set by the local government. If caught, they pay heavy fines but […]

Stay Alert! Toyota is Watching You

eye macro 26
Mar 15

Toyota has developed new driver monitoring system that scans eyes to check alertness levels   Toyota is leading its way with new technological advancement and auto infotainment system. It is also working on autonomous vehicles are not far away and roads will soon see the driverless cars. But at present, automakers are working on developing […]

JLR Bike Sense System to Prevent Collisions

JLR Bike Sense System 31
Jan 15

JLR to introduce a new safety system that will prevent Jaguars or Land Rovers from colliding with bikers on the road   The new safety technology is called the Bike Sense System and it will prevent the vehicles from colliding with bikers around them. Bike sense system will work by using a combination of colours, […]

New Audi to feature e-Quattro

Audi Quattro 29
Jan 15

This new technology will electrify your hybrid car so you don’t have to charge it to make it run Quattro technology is one of the best innovations that Audi ever made and for years this technology has dominated the world but to meet the requirements of this new era something new was needed. The time […]

BMW & Mercedes Team Up On Wireless Charging System

Wireless Car Charging Technology 17
Jul 14

BMW and Mercedes-Benz are working on the wireless charging technology that they hope will be adopted as standard in the future Normally we read about the competition between BMW M-Series and Mercedes performance Coupe, but today we will see the element of friendship between these rivals., Mercedes and BMW aren’t ‘one upping’ each other in every segment, […]

What do you do if you hate washing your car? Simple! Get a Nissan Note

Nissan Note New Technology 9
May 14

Why wash your car? Get Nissan Note You know sometimes you hate washing your car and many find it a daunting task especially in winter. For all those who hate washing your car there is a solution now, Nissan Note. The Japanese car maker has developed a new revolutionary Ultra-Ever Dry Paint technology which helps […]

Google, Where’s My Car?

Google Parking Technology 8
May 14

Now Google will tell you where you parked your car on an android device   Google Now encompasses many areas such as Web Search, driving directions, sports scores, calendar appointments since its launch in 2012. The Now has received an update and will also be able to tell you where you parked your car. The […]