Stay Alert! Toyota is Watching You

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Mar 15

Toyota has developed new driver monitoring system that scans eyes to check alertness levels


Toyota is leading its way with new technological advancement and auto infotainment system. It is also working on autonomous vehicles are not far away and roads will soon see the driverless cars.

But at present, automakers are working on developing safe car technologies and monitoring the driver behaviour is the first step. Toyota patented a new technology that can even make the scanning and tracking process better.

Toyota’s patented technology consists of a camera which constantly monitors the driver’s eyelids and uses the data to calculate how the driver is behaving in the situations and how open his eyes are.

Toyota admitted that the technology is already available elsewhere, but those systems sometimes return false information because they detect red eye instead of the actual eyeball position.

Toyota has addressed these reliability issues very well by making some changes to the technology. Toyota’s technology detects the eyeball location to get best results.

Toyota has not disclosed any further details about the technology that how they will use it, but they are hoping for more accurate data in future. Japanese are not the first to work on the eye detection technologies as General Motors, Jaguar-Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz are also in the field and working on similar technologies.

Ford has also developed an integrated active seating system that detects the driver health. It monitors the heartbeat and several other health factors of the driver while on the go. Jaguar Land Rover has developed a virtually active windscreen with an active display system.