BMW & Mercedes Team Up On Wireless Charging System

Wireless Car Charging Technology 17
Jul 14

BMW and Mercedes-Benz are working on the wireless charging technology that they hope will be adopted as standard in the future

Normally we read about the competition between BMW M-Series and Mercedes performance Coupe, but today we will see the element of friendship between these rivals., Mercedes and BMW aren’t ‘one upping’ each other in every segment, they are joining forces. BMW and Daimler have launched a development and cost sharing partnership to revolutionise the way that electric vehicles recharge.  Both automakers are working on the wireless technology that they hope will be adopted as standard in the future. This system will allow the drivers to park their car over a wireless charging platform, get out, and walk away without having to plug the vehicle into the wall socket.


It is very simple process of charging the vehicles, in which underneath each EV, there will be a pair of coils for charging process. When the coil underneath the vehicle is lined up to those fixed on the floor with a charging platform, it will start the charging system by generating the electromagnetic field to transmit the wireless power.

It will be a fast enough charging system that wouldn’t take half a day to charge the batteries. It starts charging at 3.6kw and could charge the batteries up to a much higher 7kW. It will offer more than 90 percent of energy efficiency and it is a simple and straightforward system to use as well where every car will help the driver to line-up the coils with charging platform and directly send the charging stats direct to your mobile device.

On the safety side, it has a feature that if it detects any external interface, it shuts off. We will talk about the pricing and availability when it will hit the road in future.