Google, Where’s My Car?

Google Parking Technology 8
May 14

Now Google will tell you where you parked your car on an android device


Google Now encompasses many areas such as Web Search, driving directions, sports scores, calendar appointments since its launch in 2012. The Now has received an update and will also be able to tell you where you parked your car. The new app will only be available for Android users. This new app remembers approximately where you parked your car and it will show up on the card when you’re searching for your missing vehicle.

How it works is that it has sensors which know when you leave a moving vehicle. This new feature will also remember where you got off from the bus or a friend’s car. Previous parking locations can also be found if you want to remember where you parked yesterday. There is no privacy with this new app as anyone who gets their hands on your phone or can access your Google account can see where you’ve parked.

For more details on this system you can visit this link