What do you do if you hate washing your car? Simple! Get a Nissan Note

Nissan Note New Technology 9
May 14

Why wash your car? Get Nissan Note

You know sometimes you hate washing your car and many find it a daunting task especially in winter. For all those who hate washing your car there is a solution now, Nissan Note. The Japanese car maker has developed a new revolutionary Ultra-Ever Dry Paint technology which helps your car stay spotless, even in bad weather conditions. Nissan has introduced this new paint in its latest version of the Note in Europe creating a subcompact car segment that has given the Japanese car giant a market edge.

Nissan claims that this definitive high tech paint is the same ‘Scratch Shield’ surface you see on the new I-phone cases. This new technology is also being tested on solar panels for maximum performance, the cleaner the panel the better the output of solar energy.

How does this non-sticking, self-cleaning nanotech paint works, well it repels grime and dirt. Nissan describes the unique paint as superhydrophobic and oleophobic paint. What this means for common people, less time at the car wash and not carrying that plastic bucket and sponge. Nissan Note is half painted with normal paint and the other half with Ultra Every-Dry paint.

What this paint does, it creates a barrier of air to the surface which stops it from rusting. The car becomes maintenance free as there is no grime and water, keeping the car clean. The paint can even stop road hazards like stones and bugs as well as ice and snow build up.