I Know the Speed Limit, Sorry! I didn’t Remember.

Speed Limits 29
Aug 15


It is quite shocking that people only remember 40mph speed limit and completely unaware of other speed limits.


There are thousands of people who are actively driving on the roads but the latest data has highlighted that majority of road users are unaware of the speed limit or simply don’t bother to remember restrictions of the speed limit for particular roads.

There are multiple factor to consider associated with the speed limits. It varies with the types of vehicles and to the different types of roads. The following table had made the things simple and straight for road users.

But few points to remember, if there are repeated speed limit signs on the roads, follow those signs. But in other case these are the standard speed limits to follow for driving anywhere in the Britain. The table has been designed after careful consideration of vehicles category and research of road types.


What is the speed limit?

*Vehicles used for commercial or semi-commercial purposes, it may include vehicles used as a workshop, carry goods for exhibition or sales or as a storage purposes. These classified into motorhomes.

**The roads with the single carriage way and street lamps built on the side are classified as an urban roads

***Quite important to remember that the speed limits drops down to 60mph for towing a caravan or trailer.