I Know the Speed Limit, Sorry! I didn’t Remember.

Speed Limits 29
Aug 15

  It is quite shocking that people only remember 40mph speed limit and completely unaware of other speed limits.   There are thousands of people who are actively driving on the roads but the latest data has highlighted that majority of road users are unaware of the speed limit or simply don’t bother to remember […]

IAM Shocked! Speed Frenzy in UK Caught Doing 128mph in 30mph Zone

Overspeeding at UK Roads 17
Feb 15

UK Police Department revealed the terrifying speeders, one caught doing 146mph while other was doing 128mph in 30mph zone   Safety cameras recorded some terrifying speed frenzies on the UK roads and the police department has revealed the facts and stats. Highest speed recorded by the cameras where one motorist was hitting 146 miles per […]

New Solutions for Driving Distraction

Lockout-While-Drive 29
Apr 14

Apple Patents the Technology Which will Prevent Drivers from Using their Phones while Driving   Apple has its infotainment system, known as ‘CarPlay’ that integrates Apple products like iPhone, iPod and iPad with your vehicle. Recently, Apple has got a patent that states the phone will use any combination of phone’s camera, location of mobile […]

Criminals are driving around you in the UK! Drive safe and be careful

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency UK 8
Apr 14

DVLA has declared that 8000 drivers with 12 or more points on their license or have no license at all are currently driving on UK roads The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency UK has disclosed some shocking statistics on illegal driving practices in the UK and have reported that over 8,000 drivers are driving illegally […]

Warning to all TV Junkies watching Telly while on the move

Car Tv-Driving 11
Feb 14

Drivers who watch TV while on the road are putting lives at risk by not giving full attention to the road • Watching TV while driving illegal since 80’s • Concerns raised by ministers, police and road safety groups • £150 can unlock all the safety features in your vehicle Drivers who watch TV while […]