Criminals are driving around you in the UK! Drive safe and be careful

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency UK 8
Apr 14

DVLA has declared that 8000 drivers with 12 or more points on their license or have no license at all are currently driving on UK roads

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency UK has disclosed some shocking statistics on illegal driving practices in the UK and have reported that over 8,000 drivers are driving illegally on UK roads. Most of them have twelve points on their driving licenses. These points refer to the penalty when you breach any law while driving and in the case of twelve points, driver is officially banned from driving for at least one year, but DVLA has recently declared the stats which are very dangerous. According to the stats, 8000 illegal drivers on the roads mean that your life is at risk due to those drivers while you are legally on the road. These drivers are putting our lives at risk and breaching the law habitually by taking to the road.

The DVLA has also originated that the top fourteen licence point holders with 25 points or more are all men. DVLA explained that the upper limit of points is six or twelve for those drivers who have held the license for three or less years. Information gathered from FOI showed a list of male drivers with 25 to 36 points but they are still driving. There was a man with highest amount of 36 points on his license but he was still driving. There are 20.40 million male and approximately 16.80 million female drivers are holding driving licenses but DVLA asserted that it is men who more often execute criminal driving offences than women. There were only two ladies who breached the law out of top thirty four criminals.

IAM chief executive Simon Best said: “Law abiding drivers will be shocked that so many drivers are on the road that has more than 12 points. The ‘totting up’ principle is supposed to give a simple four strikes and you are out message and anything more than this should be a disqualification, unless there are the most exceptional conditions. There must be tighter practice in courts and at the DVLA to take these motorists off the road or ensure they take a driver retraining course to help them break their points habit.”

It has been recommended that to stop drivers getting away with driving with an excessive amount of points on their licence, habitual point scorers should re-sit their theory and practical driving tests before their licence is retained. Do you agree? As we present all the facts about illegal drivers around you and now it is your turn to say that what need to be done with these risky riders.