Is your Car’s Airbag OK? 34 Million Vehicles in U.S have Faulty Airbags

May 15

Faulty airbags in USA have led to almost 34 million cars being taken off the road by safety department

There are more than 250 million vehicles on the U.S roads today and the majority of them have no idea that their cars are short-listed for the safety recall. It is the largest recall in the history of TAKATA, as they are recalling more than 34 million cars and trucks because of an expected airbag issue. It is roughly 1 out of every 7 vehicles on the road. The manufacturers are about face the biggest challenge to finding all those cars and making sure that they are fixed.

The biggest responsibility is for the owners of the cars that they make sure to contact automakers of their cars if they are one of those that are effected. With jabbing from the U.S. Department of Transportation, Japanese automakers have admitted that their vehicles have faulty inflators in the majority of their vehicles. They are also agreed to the national recall of selected models and they are 34 million in count, from eleven different manufacturers.

The airbag inflators were made with a propellant that can degrade over time and led to ruptures that have been blamed for the death of six people so far.

Transportation Secretory Anthony Foxx said, “The Department of Transportation is taking the proactive steps necessary to ensure that defective inflators are replaced with safe ones as quickly as possible, and that the highest risks are addressed first. We will not stop our work until every air bag is replaced.”

National Highway Transportation Safety Administration plans to work in coordination with auto makers to priorities the vehicles that have high risk levels and need urgent attention. However, priority will be given to the warm states where the damage factor – humidity – is very high.