VW Golf Hatchback is Fully Equipped Vehicle with Good and Reasonable Performance

VW Golf Hatchback 4
Dec 17

Exterior and interior are good with great practical approach Volkswagen Golf Hatchback a Good Family Vehicle In hatchbacks, VW Golf is a good choice for a family due to its great features and good practical notes. It is a spacious hatchback with great practicality. The spacious interior is affordable with the good sitting approach. Its […]

2016 VW Amarok Reviewed

Volkswagen Amarok 2016 16
Dec 16

Volkswagen Amarok gets more punch than rival pick-ups The Volkswagen Amarok truck first went on sale in the UK in May 2011. It’s kept up a respectable share of the UK get showcase from that point forward, situated as a somewhat more premium contrasting option to well-known adversaries like the Mitsubishi L200, Toyota HiLux and […]

You Have Been Hacked!

Car Risk Keyless Entry System Hacked 19
Aug 16

Millions of cars at risk as keyless entry systems can be hacked, report says The keyless entry system seemed exciting and stylish to buyers but as time and reviews teach us it seems to have become a safety risk. Drivers that use Volkswagen remote keyless entry system are much more at risk of their cars […]

VW to Cut Things after Diesel Gate Scandal

CEO of Volkswagen 13
Oct 15

  Matthias Muller is going to cut Bugatti and Motorsport Billions of euros have been set aside by the VW Group as payment for its diesel gate scandal. If look at the worst-case scenario, then this figure could climb to not less than 40 billion euros and most interesting and surprising fact is that the […]

German Authorities Finally Woke Up!

Is That True 28
Sep 15

  The higher authorities say the VW has made a crime of serious nature by manipulating emissions tests! The Volkswagen story has created massive outrage across the globe. The company admits, there are 11 million diesel vehicles around the world that could deceive emissions testing. The German authorities have took it on the serious note. The […]

You Decide! If Volkswagen has Really Let Down its Customers’ Trust?

CEO of VW Group 23
Sep 15

  Volkswagen emissions scandal getting worse where the CEO of the company admits that they have cheated the emission tests   In the scandal of cheating the emission tests of new vehicles, Volkswagen is accused of breaking the trust of their customers. In this regard, Volkswagen could face almost £12billion fine for breaking the trust […]

Is it Real? The Competition for Tesla is Increasing Ever Since…

Tesla Model S 16
Sep 15

The German’s automobile brands are keen to bring electric cars to the world, but Tesla has already won the game!   The auto market for electric cars is growing ever since it was born. The demand for the high-performance electric car is increasing and there is growing battle between leading automobile giants to the capture […]

Volkswagen Confirms Golf Clubsport with 261bhp Engine

Volkswagen Golf Clubsport 28
May 15

                  A new Golf GTi Clubsport will make its public debut at Worthersee Festival and will open for sale in 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTi is the darling hot hatch in the UK but it doesn’t have the oomph required to rule the market. This new version of […]

Volkswagen Sport Coupe Concept GTE at Geneva Motor Show

Volkswagen Sport Coupe 14
Mar 15

  The official design sketches were leaked earlier and already attracted huge audience, now enjoy the real show-off. Geneva motor show is going to be so wonderful at its end on 15th of March. The top auto manufacturers from around the globe have unveiled some of their most desired concepts and creations. What we fancy […]

Volkswagen Flagship R-Line has been added to the Lineup

Volkswagen-Golf-R-Line 3
Feb 15

Volkswagen adds flagship R-Line trim to Golf hatch, priced from £24,190 with deliveries in March Volkswagen has given the Golf a sportier touch thanks to the addition of a top-spec ‘R-Line’ trim to the range. It brings styling upgrades and extra equipment over GT spec and starts at £24,190 with the 148bhp 1.4 TSI petrol […]