Volkswagen Defeat Devices: Massive Hush-Hush Within VW

Volkswagen Scandal 3
Feb 16

Volkswagen’s foul play costs the manufacturer billions of dollar in fines and compensation along with several lawsuits and customer infidelity in bonus Volkswagen internally knows the presence of the cheat device and software used by large at its manufacturing facilities but they intentionally continue cheating its customers at very large scale. The secret of the […]

VW to Cut Things after Diesel Gate Scandal

CEO of Volkswagen 13
Oct 15

  Matthias Muller is going to cut Bugatti and Motorsport Billions of euros have been set aside by the VW Group as payment for its diesel gate scandal. If look at the worst-case scenario, then this figure could climb to not less than 40 billion euros and most interesting and surprising fact is that the […]

No More Lies Please! You are on Notice

Das Emissions 30
Sep 15

 EPA is planning to implement strict regulations on automakers and will launch across the board investigation of the auto industry in the light of VW’s emissions cheating The Environmental Protection agency has issued a letter to automakers, the agency would revisit its oversight of the auto industry, it would re-examine every single car engine for […]