Is it Real? The Competition for Tesla is Increasing Ever Since…

Tesla Model S 16
Sep 15

The German’s automobile brands are keen to bring electric cars to the world, but Tesla has already won the game!


The auto market for electric cars is growing ever since it was born. The demand for the high-performance electric car is increasing and there is growing battle between leading automobile giants to the capture this new market.

The “big names” in the automobile world, Audi and The Porsche have challenged U.S. pioneer Tesla Motors in the electric industry. It is fact that the demand for electric cars is growing ever since it came on sale, but a quite significant part of consumers seem reluctant in buying electric cars in the first place because of the factors such as the limited driving range, the scarcity of charging stations and high price tags.

However, many automotive critics say, the market for electric cars will grow by the end of the decade. The fuel efficiency and engine performance are two main factors of attraction towards electric cars.

The Tesla is dominating the market for electric cars at this point of time and staying on top with its innovative electric technologies and extended driving range. But the competition is getting tougher which is good for the consumer, but bad for Tesla.

See the recent examples of battery-powered cars at The Frankfurt Motor Show presented by Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen.

Audi has released its e-tro Quattro sport utility concept as its first electric model in the Frankfurt motor show. It will be launched by 2018, would offer 500 km (311 miles) per charge, whereas Porsche is promising for going above 500km with its electric cars, expected to come by 2018-19.

Some analysts say, the impact on Tesla is not so visible yet because the brand has successfully established the new customer base, a completely new range of environmentally conscious customers.

The company has developed its reputation on the credibility of electric cars. The Tesla is coming with its luxury electric crossover, the Model X whereas Tesla’s new Model S P90D salon is making the headlines with its amazing fuel efficiency of 300miles per charge.

The automotive experts say, the threat of U.S electric giant is not so real instead it seems to shake its recent release in Frankfurt Motor Show by diverting consumer’ s attention. The German’s Brands are not even close at this point because Tesla has already set high benchmarks in electric market.