What DS Will Bring in 2019?

PSA's Hybrid and Electric Future 30
May 16

DS has decided to welcome 2019 with some special technologies for cars’ lovers, read below to explore it!

The confirmation has come from a company that DS will bring a lot of new technologies for fans. Be patient, it will come in 2019 with a number of new designs styles and functions. Don’t burn the candle at both ends till 2019. Let yourself save the money to touch the inner parts of DS after buying. Which technologies will come with DS? The Ds will come with hybrid and electric vehicles, leading the PSA’s.

According to the statement of French automotive giant, it has made a plan to offer an extensive range of plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles in 2021.

The Plug-in Hybrid Technology

The first plug-in hybrid technology will make the destination in DS’s forthcoming large SUV. PSA will not mind to call it DS6 or you can simply call it DS. There would be a fact that the plug-in hybrid version PSA EMP2 platform can be calmly used in the rear axle to deliver the four wheel drive. The big DS SUV is ready to make the debut across Europe and China in late 2018, whereas plug-in hybrid version will have its first public appearance possibly by 2019.

How Much Power the Plug-in Hybrid will Produce?

According to PSA, the plug-in hybrid has the capacity to make up the 247bhp and 360 Nm while taking a new eight-speed automatic gearbox, including an electric motor and meanwhile assisting the engine combustion and ensure running of a vehicle.

PSA said that these figures can jump at 296bhp and 450Nm, and the rear axle will get the power from the electric motor.

What’s About Pure-Electric Power?

DS will quietly drive a long distance of around 40 miles or more than 40 miles on pure-electric power. It delivers various dynamic modes that have the ability for replenishing battery reserve while using the extra strength from the 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine. According to PSA officials, the system will touch the usage of brake energy recuperation by the electric motor with 90 percent of the time, instead of the available mechanical link on the brakes pad and links.

There is a switch to a petrol-electric hybrid that shows the PSA’s past diesel-electric set-up has a little shelf life. Senior PSA source said that the new petrol-electric hybrid will replace existing diesel hybrid set-up.

Forthcoming Smaller CMP

PSA announced that forthcoming smaller CMP is copying the technologies of DS. It would be an intelligent engineer while accepting a fully electric powertrain. Forthcoming smaller CMP will come up with new functions, chasing the DS as a friend. DongFeng, the well-known automobile engineer, is going on with the CMP to bring it with a great deal of love. A senior engineer makes sure that the first model to touch the electric CMP workings will be same a DS.