How to Drive Your Car Safely? Safety Precautions on Hand

Safety Precautions 16
May 16

You should learn these tips and techniques before you get behind the wheel even you have a full driving license in the UK

With the invention of car decades ago, it is noticed that the demand of the car has increased rapidly specially in the developed countries. Due to its facilities and convenience, people use it as the main mode of transportation from point to point. Driving the car is an art. But if it would not be done with care, it can harm you at the most swear level. Driving the car is not a difficult job. Everyone can reduce the causes of car accident by half if they follow the simple and easy safe car driving tips.

Tips for Safe Car Driving

Do not drive if ill

If you feel that you are not physically or mentally fit to drive the car, never ever take the risk to drive the car. Driving need 100% attention of driver in both physical and mental ways. So do not drive until your medical treatment is completed. Eye site plays very important role here. Make a routine to test the eye site periodically. It will tell you the current condition of your eye vision.

Car maintenance

Car maintenance is the main part which plays important role in driving the car safely. Car maintenance includes the following points;

Above are very simple steps but the intensity of their importance is extreme. Skipping any of the above steps may cause serious accident. Sometimes, people ignore to check the air pressure in the tires. It is not the matter of causality. It is a serious matter. Same is the case with tool kit. If you find any tool loose, specially the tire bolts, do not drive until you screw it tightly. Always check before driving the car that the spare wheel in there in the car or not.

Don’t think that it is not necessary. It may sort the most difficult and panic situations. Air pressure meter is also very necessary. If, during drive, you find low pressure in the tyre, instead of continue driving, stop the car immediately at the safe point and fill the required pressure of the tires. Without doing it, the balance of the car will not equal and any time, the car can be misbalanced and out of control.

Checking your car breaks is also having the same importance like the other factors. If you feel that the breaks are not responding at their best, it is completely risky situation to take the decision of driving the car. Go to the nearest mechanic and sort the issue before driving the car.

So always avoid such kinds of carelessness and check the safety toolkits for the car before driving.

Always fasten Seatbelt

Seatbelts plays important role in the safety from accidents. That’s why if you are going to a long journey or driving the car only for five minutes, do not forget to fasten the seat belts. Regularly check the clips and buckles of seat belts. If you feel that there is some repair require for seat belt, do it before doing any work. Seat belt make you safe from serious accidents. If, unfortunately, your car hit hardly with any object, the seat belt protects you and your head by hitting on the steering and the wind screen. Mostly, the main cause of death in accidents is brain injury. That’s why, do not forget to fasten the seat belt.

Now a days, the option of Air Bags has also increased the safety levels during driving. It does not mean that you may not fasten seat belt. Air bag is having its worth in itself and seat belt has its own roles. So fasten seat belts ever before driving the car.

Do not drink

Any kind of alcoholic drink is prohibited while driving. In fact it is illegal. Driving while drinking is a crime. Not only you are putting your life in danger, but also putting the life of those people who are passing you on road. Any time you may lose your concentration due to drinking and may hit someone. So never ever drive the car while drinking.

Do not drive fast

Driving the car fast is not a wise decision. It may cause a serious accident. Make a routine to do the work in time. Normally people get late from office, or students get late from the college or university, there may be any matter, try to do the work in time with routine. Make your routine to drive the car at the average speed, over speeding always results in harm. It is necessary to have the knowledge of the traffic signals and signs. Sometime, on some specific areas, there may be some limitations of speed driving. If you are not aware of the signs, you may not follow the limitation instructions. It can cause serious accident

Avoid Text Messages

Text messaging is the most common cause of accidents now a days. What people do, they start writing text while driving thinking that the road is clear. But it is totally wrong. Things changes on the road in micro seconds. That’s why you have to super alert and attentive. Do not even hear a phone call, if it is urgently required, then use Bluetooth hands free. Just talk point to point and concentrate on driving. Put your eyes straight on the road. If you are on a long journey and you start feeling tires, stop driving immediately. Take some rest and then stat driving.

The above are the very simple but very important points for safe car driving. Follow them and save your life as well as life of others.

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