GM to Acquire Google, Apple Infotainment Apps

GM-Apple-Android 22
Sep 14

GM is curtailing its own App Shop and looking to buy infotainment systems from Apple and Google Apple and Google have recently developed their in-dash internet apps for the automobiles, which several auto makers like Audi and BMW, are using in their cars. General Motors were using their own App Shop for quite some time […]

GM’s Former Vice Chairman Anticipates That Autonomous Cars are Safer than Regular Cars

Cadillac Super Cruise System 9
Sep 14

Bob Lutz anticipates that autonomous cars don’t drink, eat, sleep or even text while driving and they don’t get road fury For last couple of months, it has emerged as a common misunderstanding about autonomous cars being not safe and vulnerable to the criminal activities, but the producers of these cars are still confident about […]

GM’s Ignition Switch Recall Gets another Expansion

Ignition-Switch-of-GM-to-be-replaced 14
Apr 14

This expansion in the recent recall will cost GM $1.3 billions A few days back, GM announced a massive recall of about 2.2 million vehicles reported to have ignition switch problems within the United States. Now the American automaker says it is adding some more parts in order to fix the said problem, these fixes […]