GM to Acquire Google, Apple Infotainment Apps

GM-Apple-Android 22
Sep 14

GM is curtailing its own App Shop and looking to buy infotainment systems from Apple and Google

Apple and Google have recently developed their in-dash internet apps for the automobiles, which several auto makers like Audi and BMW, are using in their cars. General Motors were using their own App Shop for quite some time but now they have seriously decided to restrict and limit the use of their own apps in future cars. They have shaken their hands with Apple and Google for most modern apps. GM is now trying to make their cars more entertaining with in-dash internet facility. GM’s future cars will use Apple CarPlay infotainment app and Google Android Auto smartphone platform.

GM is making some best connected cars and their leading executive for connected-car division said that GM has significant shift strategy. The Chevrolet App Shop, was launched in January to develop iHeartRadio, NPR, The Weather Channel, Glympe and many other modern platforms for GM vehicles but according to the executive, Gigaom  is not directly related to car functions and to get the access to these functions and offer new solutions for driving distraction, Google and Apple apps and platforms will help the GM. He said, “The types of apps we want to focus on are the ones that require a much deeper integration with the vehicle.”

He further added that they are not shutting their App Shop down but it will continue to work on features like remote monitoring and car location etc. Future of the cars is very different and there will be more electronics involved in controlling functions and it will replace the mechanicals with electronic parts and sensors. When Google Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will get access to car systems then almost half of the controls including car engine data will be accessible via these smartphone platforms. But drivers will have to wait until Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto take over the controls. Those who don’t like these apps will have the choices like Pandora and GM’s own infotainment systems