BMW 116i – Where The Power Beats The Size of a Vehicle

BMW 116i 20
Nov 18

BMW 116i comes with a 1.6-Litre engine and delivers an exceptional fuel economy and performance

BMW 116i engines for sale in the UK have lost a lot its competitors in the past years but now the time is changing at the BMW because the higher management at BMW is under some serious criticism from last few years. The media circles and BMW lovers are criticizing that the management on the design and development department has given up against the giant companies and lost a lot against them by leaving the things as they were going. Almost all the BMW models are facing some serious competition in the UK market this is in the case of BMW 116i.

BMW 116i has lost a lot to VW Golf, Ford Fiesta, and many more in the class. BMW 116i has been offered with extraordinary chassis and other features which are not properly marketed in the past and BMW has faced a massive loss.

BMW 116i engines

BMW 116i uses only one engine which is 1.6-litre BMW 116i petrol engine and it is capable of generating 115bhp of power and leads the list of hatchbacks in the UK market. BMW 116i is quite a slow mover in the BMW records and it is around 2 seconds slower than the competition and the 2.0-litre petrol engines.

This way BMW 116i engines have no competition with the diesel engines. BMW records and stats show that the 116i makes 62 miles per hour from a standstill in around 10.9 seconds which shows the slowness of the model. The top speed of the model is 125 miles per hour the fuel economy is the best in class anyways but again the petrol engines cannot match the economy of the diesel engines which is more than 70 miles per gallon.

The driving dynamics

When getting into the cabin of the 116i, it gives an impression of being one of the most luxurious and well suited small interior for a tiny hatchback. It has a way low driving position from the actual driver position which gives an impression of being one of the best driving positions in the small cars. The driver has much of the bonnet view while in the driving seat. The 116i new models offer keyless entry and a number of features which are not usually offered in the same class of models offered by competitors. Upon a slight push of the start button, driver hears a small pleasant giggle from the engine compartment and it confirms that the BMW is happy to go anywhere. BMW 116i engine hardly gives an impression of being alive as it is exclusively silent.

When it comes to the transmissions, BMW offers a five-speed manual transmission as a standard on all 1 series and same is for the BMW 116i. The engine sound goes to almost dead when it drops below the 3000rpm. Maximum power started flowing from 4000rpm and the torque keeps flowing till 6500rpm. There is also an evidence that the driver spends most of its driving time from 4000 to 6000 rpms. At the same time, BMW 116i engines feel noisy on the motorway speeds. It is hard for the BMW 116i engine to perform an overtake on the motorway speed.

BMW aftermarket in the UK is one of the most exclusive markets and it is also the fact that reconditioned BMW 116i engines are the most sellers in the UK. Despite being the smallest engine in the BMW engines family the 116i engines are the best small power units. But at the same time, these engines are the thirstiest power engines in the market. These engines sip more fuel as compared to the diesel counterparts and the carbon emissions are also the worst of measuring them on the size scale. These smaller units have more problems as compare to the larger siblings.