BMW 120i Rocks the Performance and Sits Above the 118d

BMW 120i 3
Sep 18

BMW i20i is more costly than the 118d models and is in action since 2016

BMW 1 series overall is such a beautiful series of powerful hatchbacks offered in the UK, where some love to have a diesel version and others are after petrol variations. BMW offers the both for the buyers in the UK. The 120i is a petrol-powered version of the 1 series and it is also one of the most beautiful hatchbacks in the UK. The 120i has a round rear and long muscular front with a facelift.

The rear side of the vehicle gives a seriously awkward view just like if it had been poked with a stick at the back. The second generation of the 120i is even better with more muscular BMW 120i engines and exclusively tweaked and refined interior.

What’s new in the 120i?

As the 120i is just a model trim within the 1 series petrol variations so it has everything that 1 series actually has. So, it better discussing the 1 series here. Anyways, the 120i offers a range of new features including the new refined engines. The refined petrol engines are ultra-efficient and fuel economical and smooth at the same time.

However, the agility and swiftness of being petrol engines are also there. The 120i has an upgraded interior and the dashboard has been redesigned for an excellent feel of a luxury than its previous generations.

BMW 120i engine line-up

An ever impressive, agile and swift line-up of petrol engines offered on the 120i model is even efficient and fuel economy which is exclusively refined for speed. The dash has a 6.5-inch infotainment screen which updates the driver with satellite navigation system in the business specs and reversing camera helps the driver in parking the car. The petrol engine offers a maximum power of 185bhp. There are two engines offered on the 120i models. A 1.6-litre engine cranks 174bhp from its four-cylinder turbo system while the other is 2.0-litre petrol engine cranks 184bhp. The 1.6-litre N13 turbo engine has a torque of 250Nm and it is sufficient torque to push the vehicle on the road with some serious oomph.

However, on the other hand, the 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine borrowed from 116i offers a pulling power of 290Nm of torque. It is a proud member of the B48 engine family, the B engine family was introduced in 2016. The automaker has introduced the turbocharged engine on the 120i for the first time and experts say that it is also first for it’s any of the hatchback models. The 116i has been using the same engine now and it is capable of doing a lot on the motorway and in the city traffic. It has a benchmark sprint of just over 8 seconds from a standstill. The 120i is powered by modern technologies that guarantee the performance and agility with practicality at the same time.

Improved practicality

As BMW has given the 120i and BMW 1-Series a massive refinement, the practicality of the 120i has been improved to the new standards with the help of the new range of performance gadgets.

The overall body structure has been tweaked and the shape of the vehicle is exclusively dynamic to offer more efficiency and fuel economy. The BMW claimed fuel economy of the 120i is 71 miles per gallon on the motorway and in the city traffic it has just under 60 miles per gallon. The experts recommend only recon 120i engines in the UK if unluckily your engine blows up or face any serious issues that end with an engine replacement in the UK.