British Car Brands! Who are the Top Local Auto Manufacturers?

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Oct 17

There are hundreds of British automobile manufacturers but what are the top of the list

British automobiles are an energetic part of the European automotive industry and the European car manufacturers are the most vital and well-known players in the international car market. On the whole known market, British manufacturers have a great importance in the global industry as well. They have introduced the globally renowned models like the land rover defender which is the first known off-roader and was widely used in the first and the second World Wars across the globe. Even American Army has used a great range of these vehicles in their fleet of army vehicles. For the highly-priced models, they are not even behind the race and Rolls Royce has punched its image on the global market, since the start of 20th century, they are being under use of world’s figureheads.

They remain however preferred for their design, and remained the part of Hollywood movies like James Bond series and movies of Rowan Atkinson, yes I am talking about Aston Martin and MINI models. Overall efficiency plays a vital role in off-roading and Land Rover’s Range Rover has its own importance in this segment. This is not the end, when it comes to racing, there is no one comes ahead of the McLaren vehicles and it is most famous for sports cars, not only in the UK but across the globe.

The list of British car tycoons include Jaguar, Mini, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Land Rover and Bentley always make their position in any list you see, even they are racing, performance or family cars, at least one model from these vehicles will be there. One of the largest mass-produced automobile brand remains Vauxhall in the UK and it is most loved one for low price lovers in the UK, but it is now the subsidiary of the American automaker GM.

The Principal British auto manufacturers include Jaguar, Land Rover, Bentley, McLaren and Aston Martin. History of vehicle producers in the UK goes back to the 18th century when it began & then started developing drastically in the nineteenth century. Let’s have a look into the history of the trendiest British brands.

MOST Trendy BRITISH Automakers

These are the top currently active auto manufacturers in the UK so far.


Year of instigation: 1922

Headquarters: Whitley, Coventry, UK

Founder/manufacturer: Sir William Lyons and William Walmsley

Website Address: http://www.Jaguar.Com

Current Owner: Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)

Currently, Jaguar is a part of the Jaguar Land Rover consortium, this brand has identified a very challenging past. The brand was introduced just after the First World War, the entire Jaguar Land Rover knew two consecutive mergers, just before being bought particularly by Ford Motor Company and not too long ago by Indian business tycoon Tata motors.

It is a logo that shines in the luxurious automobiles, Jaguar is planning on setting up new units that use latest technologies most absolutely, and the chance of electric vehicles can be explored. For pleasurable rationale, the group will likely be opening a wide research Centre within the Institute of Warwick, Coventry.

In the intervening time, the brand enjoys public acclaim just after the introduction of the brand new model XE variant, the first model built over the modular architecture. It is the same model using the theories of the thing of a Stella McCartney collaboration; a number of units will be draped and offered in an individual Championship, part of her 2015 collection.


Jaguar brand history

Jaguar is a historic name with an enormously exhilarating history in the automotive industry across the globe. It has a fortunate status for superiority and style and to the present time, it retains its stylish, typical English style and body looks created decades back. The Jaguar history started with the efforts of William Lyons and William Walmsley, who positioned the Swallow Sidecar Corporation, known as the SS car manufacturers back in 1922, just after the First World War. Proceed to cram to research more in regards to the Jaguar brand, the organization’s history, and their current car units.

Jaguar also started motorcycle work as a sidecar trade for Jaguar, however, a year after shortened its identity to SS automobiles Ltd. It was the time that the company started forming bodies for chassis developed by Fiat, Austin and many other well-known car manufacturers.

From the start of 1931, SS automobiles Ltd joined hands with a car manufacturing firm to work on their first SS1 and the car was unveiled at the London Motor show. The SS1 was powered by a 2.0-Litre six-cylinder engine with a top speed of 75 miles per hour and the price tag of £310. This was a very low price vehicle as compared to others in the class at that time, thus the start of Jaguars.

Land Rover

The Year of instigation: 1948

Headquarters: Whitley, Coventry, United Kingdom

Founder/company: British Leyland Corporation / Jaguar Land Rover

Website: http://www.Landrover.Com

Current Owner: Jaguar Land Rover

It is the second half of the JLR brand in the UK. It is the only international brand that has sold many vehicles in the warfare’s and its vehicles were known as the best off-roaders. Land Rover has also given a tough time to the American SUV segment since its first launched vehicles in the 40s. All the models were based on the idea of all-terrain vehicles just like the American manufacturer Jeep. Today’s most advanced and modern models, such as the Range Rover, and all of its trims including sport, Evoque and land rover Discovery have a great advantage in the car industry and they also have formed a huge reputation across the globe, first due to organization’s famous stars similar to Victoria Beckham who bought Range Rover Evoque.

Regardless of being a pricier car, its good-famed performance and brilliant design that makes it one of the ultra-modern SUVs across the globe. Moreover, the Range Rover in 2014 has become the second most famous model of the year and remains one of the top-selling SUVs as well. The Range Rover has also remained the part of the royal family fleet of vehicles.

LAND ROVER brand history

Land Rover is a well-known British SUVs manufacturer commonly known for its versatility in a type of driving situations, whether traveling on typical roads or tackling tough terrains like muddy or rocky roads. It is one of the makes that is still surviving in the market, but it has additionally tested itself as an extensive alternative against all those rivals that cater to all terrains.

The vehicles produced in the past by Land Rover are supporting the durability mixed with cozy and extremely roomy interiors, making a universally appealing car that grabs the attention of every person. However, these cars are actually for the families and longest time Land Rover has been manufacturing heavy-duty SUVs.

MINI – British Motor Works

Year of instigation: 1909

Headquarters: Longbridge, England, UK

Founder/parent organization: British Motor Company

Website: http://www.Mini.Com

Current Owner: BMW

In its early times when the motor company was looking to develop its local brand in the UK, the Mini used to be a small economy vehicle, an iconic small vehicle for the small cars segment in the UK. Nowadays it is mass-produced by German automaker BMW, which has only saved the brand name MINI but radically transformed the entire structure of the vehicle but it is still very handy and offers the same performance as was delivering before in the era of British Motor Company. Its amazing design is still very amazing and appealing, combined with the excellent performance by the BMW engines, made the company particularly fashionable to persons residing in city areas.

The brand history

Mini, logo is now stylized as capitalized all the words and written as MINI, and it has an extended history that may be traced again to the early Fifties. It’s an automobile that has long gone through many changes and innovations to finally emerge some of the great features of the small cars and convertibles to appeal the customers across the globe and particularly in the UK market. The history of Mini began with the collaboration between two key players in the British automobile sector namely the Cooper vehicle organization and the British Motor Corporation (BMC). This collaboration remains active for a long time but sold out to many hands in that time. Now, BMW is the owner of this brand pushing it into the UK’s small vehicle market.

Aston Martin

Year of instigation: 1913

Headquarters: Gaydon, Warwickshire, England, United Kingdom

Founder/parent corporation: Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford

Website: http://www.Astonmartin.Com/

An extra noted sports car manufacturer from Britain, it is the Aston Martin. A part of many Hollywood movies and productions that emphasize the brand’s superb body dynamics and excellent design, this vehicle remains standard for steeply-priced luxurious cars. For more than a decade now, beginning in high-quality Britain, the brand has additionally renowned American possession by Ford. This British manufacturer has more than twelve international models that it sells globally. The older units proceed to be auctioned for astonishing prices, whilst more modern ones give purchasers the likelihood to personalize them as per their own desires and wishes. For example, one of the most modern and luxurious Vanquish Carbon model shows off with a precise identity, combining carbon fiber within the exterior and a Bang & Olufsen audio system. There are many modern gadgets on the vehicle that make it even luxurious in its class.

The brand history

The Aston Martin is not the company started by a single person but it is also a merger of two organizations, and the efforts of Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford, who headquartered the Bamford and Martin constrained corporation in 1913.

Both partners wanted to create their possess vehicles, as Martin raced at Aston Hills in England. Soon they started construction of an automobile with Coventry-Simplex Engine and the chassis of a 1908 Isotta-Fraschini. It took a long time to select the title of the car and both automakers have given a lot of hours in searching the name of the new company and then upon nice brainstorming got here up with the name Aston Martin.

The identity Aston was picked up from Aston Hills and Martin from one of the crucial founding fathers of the manufacturer, Lionel Martin.


Year of instigation: 1919

Headquarters: Crewe, England, United Kingdom

Founder/parent organization: M. Bentley and W. O. Bentley

Website: http://www.Bentleymotors.Com

Bentley has been often called a destination for those who have bags of money to buy a model from them. Being the only supplier of limousines for the royalty and the British Royal Family in the UK, one is also inclined to presume it’s solely the brand for the wealthy people of the UK.

However, more and more luxurious automobile lovers globally pamper in the pleasure of buying a Bentley, principally known for its lush and spacious interiors. The excessively luxurious saloon was chosen from the Bentley and it remains the luxurious brand of the year in 2013 by all the Britain car magazines. This automaker remained part of the Rolls Royce and finally acquired by Volkswagen in 1997.

Logo history

A well-known British luxurious automaker, Bentley is currently owned by German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen AG. The car brand was situated in 1919 by W. O. Bentley and his brother H. M. Bentley, but Walter continuously had a deep interest in designing and constructing a customized range of vehicles that might hold the name of the brand for ages. That’s how the Bentley came into being, and it’s one of the most luxury car brands today.

Bentley has manufactured the first aluminum piston, which went into the Bentley cars for the duration of World War I. The company was registered as Bentley Motors Ltd in 1919 and first introduced the model at the London Motor show later that year. An engine was developed in December, however, orders weren’t taken until the mid of next year.


Year of instigation: 1906

Headquarters: Goodwood, England, United Kingdom

Founder/parent organization: Volkswagen

Current owner: BMW

Website: http://www.Rolls-roycemotorcars.Com/

Although the company was established in the seventies with a focus on manufacturing ultra-luxurious vehicles. Volkswagen ultimately got Rolls Royce Motors, in 1998, the company was brought to BMW, which endured to promote the Rolls Royce limousine under the same title. Although it was a rival to Bentley motors limousines. It has very low sales ratio than the Bentley cars. The corporation remains emblematic for splendid luxurious models. Actually its most up-to-date version of Phantom which is using 18 karat gold exterior and interior. Rolls Royce took British automobiles to an exceptionally high.

Rolls Royce Brand history

Rolls-Royce is the part of the British car companies and has its roots in 1888 when Henry Royce started his mechanical and electrical business. By the start of 1894, he started manufacturing electric cranes and dynamos. By the end of the century, the company was registered as Royce Ltd and in 1904, the company has introduced its first vehicle named Royce 10.

Let’s take a look at the Rolls-Royce logo, the first car came planned and introduced with a two-cylinder engine and was a quite spectacular and robust at that time. On 4th May 1904, in Manchester, Charles Rolls had lunch with Henry Royce. Charles was an adventurer peer of the realm, born in 1877. He was an engineer and was impressed by the production of Hennery Royce. Soon after their lunch, Rolls signed an agreement with Hennery and agreed to buy all the cars manufactured by Royce. And further Royce agreed that all the vehicles will be sold under Rolls-Royce name. Just two years after the Rolls Royce 10, both fellows agreed to do business together and this ended in the instigation of a new car company, focusing on manufacturing luxurious vehicles and known as Rolls-Royce limited (1906).

There are reports that Rolls Royce is planning to replace petrol engines and use electric energy by 2040.


Year of instigation: 1989

Headquarters: McLaren Technology Centre, Surrey, England

Founder/ Parent organization: Ron Dennis

Website: http://www.Mclarenautomotive.Com/

McLaren is the UK’s racing car manufacturing brand and has most commonly been known for its involvement in Formula One. With the help of most modern technologies they are distinct to race cars, McLaren is known for its executive performance car and formula one cars. It used to be this technology that eventually imposed this vehicle as a trademark for sports cars. Remembering the McLaren P1, McLaren’s F1, was one of the most successful models and it opened new racing rivals. The majestic, futuristic design, makes the P1, one of the greatest sports vehicles across the globe.

Brand history of McLaren

McLaren is among the main British high-efficiency automobile producers and has made exceptional contributions to the racing industry in the past and has its great part in the formula – 1 racing. McLaren has twisted several extraordinary cars and they have changed the automobile era to the one it should be in these days.

The first ever McLaren M6GT was designed and developed by Bruce McLaren and the intentions were to participate in the Le Mans in the Nineteen Sixties. They introduced just more than a racing car, the M6GT becomes the fastest vehicle in the class and then even become the fastest road legal car in the world. It was the base of the new racing era in the world and McLaren was pioneering the era.

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