Chicken Run on the M62

Chicken Run on M62 15
May 14

Nearly 5000 chickens escape after a lorry crash on M62
A lorry carrying 7000 chickens crashed killing 2000 chickens
Thousands of chickens escaped on motorway and hoped into cars
The M62 was closed after the accident and drivers were urged to stay away from the area

Commuters on the M62 will have an unusual excuse for coming late to work as thousands of chickens were strewn across M62 with hundreds making a break for freedom after the lorry carrying them crashed. A lorry crashed on to the barrier on M62 causing thousands of birds to escape. Some chickens even hopped into the cars of the motorists as they were caught in the confusion. The emergency services had to put  up barriers to stop the birds from escaping and the M62 was closed.

Some of the chickens went into the cars of the queuing motorists. The accident occurred on the eastbound carriageway near Eccles Interchange on the M62 near Manchester and all four lanes were closed. Diversions were put in the area, but motorists were advised to stay away from the area. People took to twitter to say what they felt as Dale Solan said: “Casually driving down the M62, suddenly there are 1,000 live chickens in the road. Operation chicken re-coup.”

Mike Walton wrote: “Playing chicken on the M62 in rush hour just isn’t acceptable.”

The former Coronation Street actress Nikki Sanderson was caught up in the saga and she tweeted: “Great..Now there are chickens running about on the M62..Really, can my journeys 2work get any longer or more creative?? What next aliens??”