Fixed Speed Cameras in UK Switched Off

Speed camera 6
Jun 15

It is shocking that quarter of fixed speed cameras in UK are not in use, with mobile sites filling the void


Freedom of Information requests have revealed that nearly a quarter of fixed speed cameras in UK were switched off in 2014. There are total 1714 fixed speed cameras in UK which are monitoring motorists but it was very shocking that 391 fixed cameras out of these remained switched off last year.

Police counteracted by operating 345 mobile cameras across the country. It was like a trap where this move has led to more drivers being caught in that specific time. In total, 17, 43,252 motorists were caught breaching the speed limits. This figure was recorded as 1,594,132 in 2013.

This data shows that mobile cameras were three times as effective, nearly one million motorists were caught by the fixed cameras while mobile units caught 774,537 motorists.

Roger Reynolds was the policeman, who first introduced the speed cameras to the UK about 23 years ago. It isbit sceptical about the use of these devices that how the devices are now used. He said “speed cameras have not always proven an effective method of tackling speeding offences, enforcement agencies have been too strict with minor offenders in order to raise revenue and not tough enough with those who really pose a danger on the roads.”

This argument made by Roger Reynolds is supported by the figures that more than one third speeding motorists were caught by the authorities were speeding at just 5 mph over or even under 10mph. only six percent were caught doing 20mph over the limit. However there were some extreme limits and only one driver was caught doing 144 miles per hour in Somerset County this year.

The presence of a speed camera in an area impacts the driving behaviour of motorists and they remain in the limits regardless of whether cameras are ON or Off.

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