Ford Edge 2.0-litre Diesel is Designed to Appeal the Buyers

Ford Edge 2016 14
Oct 16

Ford Edge SUV is powered by a pair of diesel engines and both are powerful enough to beat the rivals

The Ford Edge SUV is actually a massive SUV from the blue oval to target European markets since the fuel-drinking Ford Explorer more than ten years ago.

What sets the Edge aside is that a pair of Ford diesel engines. These engines will have to make the SUV rather more alluring to customers than its ancestor.

A fabulous, low cost every day off-roader

Being across the equal size as the upmarket Volkswagen Touareg and priced more diligently closer to the Hyundai Santa Fe, Blue Oval hopes that its new Edge will imitate the success of the Volvo XC60 and appeal to a market of prosperous, family-oriented clients.

With a glut of expensive off-roaders including the Discovery Sport, F-Pace and Mercedes GLC available, the trial for Ford is to associate the luxurious feel of those items but for a lot lower rate.

Engineered and tweaked for the UK

The Edge has been planned to sell around the world, reformed equitably for regional tastes. After around 12 months on sale in America, the SUV is now offered for sale in Europe.

To ensure that it’s not simply an American SUV finagled on Europeans. Ford has spent some massive resources on the SUV’s engineering and production in order that it may possibly control the stiffer suspension and sharper control needed for rapid, extra winding European roads. It has also introduced extra masking to achieve the sophistication levels awaited by customers in the Europe.

Ford Edge diesel engines

There are two 2.0-litre diesel engines with an 180hp unit and a 210hp variation of practically same engines. The lower power engine comes with a six-speed manual transmission, at the same time the 210hp unit is more convenient with a six-speed Powershift transmission. All-wheel driving system is offered as standard across the range to give the impression of being an off-roader anyway.

Both ford diesel engines with both power variants have the same CO2 emissions of 149g/km that means annual road tax expenses of £145 and ford’s acclaimed average fuel economy of just over forty-eight miles per gallon.

Larger alloys can change these figures, however. It’s going to be a Polaroid finish in a race between the two models, with the 210hp engine taking just under 10 seconds to speed up from 0-62 miles per hour and the 180hp engine takes almost 10 seconds to reach the same level.

Three trims offered

The Edge range is simple because of the engine line-up. The entry-level Zetec has a price of £30,000 followed by Titanium from £32,000 and Sport from £34,500. There is a massive kit available across the range where, DAB Radio, ford Sync system and many more offered to boost the appeal of the Edge in the UK and Europe. Ford is looking to capture the UK and the European market at the same level as its Focus and Fiesta vehicles. Fiesta has remained the top selling model in the UK for last three years.