Google collaborates with Audi to put one over Apple

Google-Audi Collaboration 2
Jan 14

The fruit is Audi’s in-car entertainment, information, navigation and display technology using Google and Nvidia technology.

A news report out recently says that the first baby from the collaboration of Google, Nvidia and Audi will be showcasing at the CES next week. The news report points out at a possibility of a technology war opening up between car companies as Audi’s announcement demonstrates Google’s commitment to take on Apple in cars.

An inside source at Audi said that, the plan is to “allow drivers and passengers to access music, navigation, apps and services that are similar to those widely available now on Android-powered smart phones”. Google is also aiming to share these findings with other companies to establish Android as a big player against Apple’s iOS. This comes after 6months of Apple launching ‘iOS in the Car’ which was used in BMW, Mercedes, GM and Honda; it integrates iPhone into car information and entertainment. The likes of Google and Apple are hoping that the integration system you use will have a direct impact on the purchase decision you make.

According to a research, the in-car infotainment is an important factor when people buy cars. News reports point out to a fact that Apple and Google use different processors: Google will use ARM processors in the car but the iOS integrated cars will run on your iPhone as the ‘brain’ when you get in the car. Honda was the first one to jump on the bandwagon of smart phone integrated infotainment systems and it has a Siri buttons on the car steering wheel. It acts as a virtual assistant while you drive. Latest financial report by the chipmaker Nvidia, which sells chips to carmakers, expects to make $400 million in sales over the next couple of years.