It’s too hard to believe, Judge rules in a permanent erection lawsuit against BMW

MW-k1100rs erection lawsuit rejected 20
Mar 14

Permanent Erection VS BMW Law Suit Ends

Do you remember a California man who claimed he suffered from a 20-month erection after a four-hour ride on his BMW motorcycle? Well the somewhat funny case has been thrown out of the court as the judge rules; its ‘too hard’ to believe. Henry Wolf filed a product liability lawsuit against BMW and seat maker Corbin-Pacific in the California Superior Court in April 2012. He claimed that a long term case of priapism from the “ridge-like” saddle design was caused during a ride in September 2010. He wanted compensation for medical expenses, emotional distress and lost wages from both companies.

The case was long and now after two years, Judge James J. McBride ruled that there wasn’t enough evidence to support Mr Henry’s claims. A urologist gave evidence that the plaintiff had priapism, but the court rejected the testimony of a neurologist who claimed the motorcycle’s vibration caused the disorder. The court rejected neurologist Dr. Jonathan Rutchik’s opinion that a motorcycle’s vibrations can cause priapism. Whereas the defendants had bike’s former and current owners presenting evidence in the court. Corbin-Pacific CEO Mike Corbin also spoke in the company’s defence. Here goes another urban myth…