How To Choose A Cordless Impact Wrench For Automotive?

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Jul 18


Have you ever found yourself stuck in a place where you were able to take out a large, fretted or corroded fixing then this guide is just for you! At different angles and at different locations, nuts and bolts can extremely painfully hard to remove as well as very time consuming So you end up with skinned knuckles and maybe broken tools, but still that sturdy thing mains where it was this happens to all the people that are awake and when they go to sleep, this happens to the guys on the other side of the world who wake up.

So what can you do? Consider buying an impact wrench for your automotive. The machine can provide sufficient torque. Before I carry on here’s a quick scientific definition on what torque actually is: Torque is basically nothing but force times perpendicular distance. So if you have insufficient torque, the nut won’t either go in, or come out, depending on the situation.

A cordless impact wrench is definitely more energetic than you and hence the work can be done with utmost ease. Another big key factor to get a cordless impact wrench is to save a lot of time For busy professionals, i takes incredibly large amount of time to fit or remove a nut, and a cordless Impact wrench can do the same in way less amount of time.

The thing about a cordless impact wrench for an automobile is, it does not have cord limitations. That is exactly why you can go around all four tyres without having to manage the cord of your impact wrench. Again, it speeds the whole process. But what are the points to consider before actually having to make a wrong decision.

So before you consider buying a cordless impact wrench, you shoul be familiar with the concept of a cordless impact wrench.

What’s cordless impact wrench?

An impact wrench can also be recognized from the following names torque gun, rattle gun, air gun, and air wrench. So technically how this thing works is, a motor receives power from an electric supply. The motor thereby sets a rotating mass in motion. The rotating pass thereby provides enough torque to spike the anvil, and the anvil turns the socket and does the job.

Now generally a cordless impact wrench comes in form on pistol grip. It’s essentially like a pistol, easy to grab and handle. So what does this mean for you? You can carry the wrench around the car or your automotive without any hassles of chords or external belts to store the wrench as everything you need is your hand. It is specially designed to keep smaller profile which allows the wrench to access the more tighter places easily Generally these appliances are powered by electricity, but in some cases-by air.

Factors you should consider before buying A impact wrench

Now talking more specifically on the things you should focus while buying an cordless impact wrench for your automotive.

Now basically there can be a lot of factors determining the points you need to focus on before buying the impact wrench, but since our purpose is to buy it for automotives and hence I have narrowed down the basic things that can be focused. Again, this depends for the usage but these points given below are generalized.


Like I said before, torque essentially a force that acts perpendicular, (F*Perpendicular distance ), like the ones on the hinges of doors. Now, having enough torque so you have enough force to remove the fasterener is very important. More expensive impact wrenches has higher torque, but if you are on a budget and need something cheap, I’d recommend getting at least 1800 inch-lbs.

Weight of the impact wrench

This isn’t much of an issue when it comes down to small work. If you wish to buy a wrench for some housework tha you’ll be doing it’s advisable to buy anywhere from a light to a heavy impact wrench, but for the ones that look an impact wrench for long hours of work, it extremely difficult to handle a heavy wrench for automotive work.

Size of the impact wrench

Now this can be explained again by the scientific definition the more distance the more torque hence a smaller size generally means less torque. But again g a small sized wrench means you have access to tighter spaces, so for automobiles, Id recommend an even balance for both torque and size.

Impact per minute(IPM) of the impact wrench

Now basically, impact per minute is how many times the anvil actually hits the hammer. A faster number generally means you’ll be able to do work faster.

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No Load speed for the impact wrench

The speed at which the wrench generally turns without any load Generally speaking again, a high speed will definitely help fasten the screws more quickly thereby saving time but a higher speed generally results in decrease in the end to sacrifice speed for power. Some vehicles benefit with speed whereas others benefit with power.

Torque Adjustment feature of wrench

Now this is a major factor if you find yourself working with various automobiles, as you can set the torque so you do not run the risk of over-torquing.

Ergo Economics

Not all wrenches are hand-equipped for yo our hand and hence it really matters what you pick and why you do it. Try your best to find a wrench that actually fits your hand and minimizes the fatigue during long-term use.

Drive size

Generally a common(actually the most common ) will be able to do most of the work you want. 3/8comes after the a and is generally the second most popular type. Generally the 3/8 comes in smaller tot package butbut has less torque than a comparable 1/2” drive wrench. Again loing back to the size, like we said, you cannot have a small tool with high torque, so to gain something you’l have to lose something else. It is very ant to identify the type of job you need done and the amount of torque equired, and then you can agree on the size.


In conclusion getting a cordless impact wrench can help you save ime and pain for removing or bolting nuts and screws. You will definitely benefit with a cordless impact wrench if you find yourself working with the automotives a lot of times. You can save yourself a lot of time, and effort as well. With the former points you can make sure that you buy something that fits lifestyle. It is very necessary to find a tool that you feel comfortable with otherwise there is no point of buying an impact wrench if you feel the same laziness with and without it. Find a tool that fits your hand and is the perfect weight for you, but do not forget the torque options and the efficiency!