Londoners will have to pay £1.50 more in congestion charges from 16th June

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May 14

Congestion charge in London to increase by £1.50 in June in attempt to keep traffic levels down

Transport for London will earn an extra £82.7 million as the Congestion Charge in London is set to rise by 15 per cent in June. As of now the standard daily charge for driving in the capital will rise from £10 to £11.50 and those who use the autopay system and fleet customers would have to pay £10.50 instead of £9.

The fee for paying the day after will rise to £14 from £12 while London residents will also have to fork out more. AA president Edmund King said congestion in the capital was well above pre-charge levels and an increase now would hit the recovering economy.

“This proposed hike in the congestion charge underlines what every London driver knows – that the charge is nothing to do with congestion or CO2 and everything to do with cash, in effect a tax,” he added.

Some changes have also been suggested which include introducing direct debits for autopay customers and an automatic refund system for NHS staff and patients. TFL’s surface transport chief operating officer, Garrett Emmerson said: “We are keen to hear what Londoners and motorists have to say about the proposed changes to the scheme.”The proposed changes will ensure the charge remains an effective deterrent to making unnecessary journeys in central London.” TfL said the increase will allow customer improvements for next year, such as direct debit payments for auto pay customers and online discount applications for NHS patients.