Meet the Mercedes C-Class AMG

Nov 16

The mind boggling C-Class AMG

The AMG Version

Normally, the AMG Models are all the more exorbitant to run. The C 43 will give back a sensible 36.2mpg and transmits 178g/km of CO2. Mercedes claims 32.8mpg for the C63 models however you’re probably not going to accomplish a great deal more than 25mpg. CO2 emanations are 200g/km.

In case will run a C-Class Roadster as a company vehicle or would just rather get more miles for your cash, then the two diesel renditions will be better. The C 220d controlled by a 167bhp 2.1-liter diesel is the most economical and assessment amicable with an asserted consolidated MPG of 68.9, however the C 250d (which accompanies 201bhp 2.1-litre diesel) isn’t observably more regrettable at 67.3mpg.


Like most different Mercedes models, the C-Class Roadster gets a tablet-like screen connected to the dash. Assessments are blended on whether it looks shabby or savvy yet in any event it’s not quite the same as opponents’ set-ups. Its working framework isn’t as instinctive or wonderful to use as BMW’s great iDrive or Audi’s MMI. There are some confounding menu tabs that can make it precarious to use progressing in spite of there being the choice of a parchment haggle cushion.

As standard the C-Class gets a Garmin sat-nav. While it may not sound exceptionally getting to be for a Mercedes to utilize a Garmin framework, it functions admirably enough. C-Class Roadsters likewise get Bluetooth and Touch as standard.

Mind Blowing Audio System

As a feature of the Premium and Premium Plus versions there’s the alternative of a Burmester stereo system. With 13 speakers and a nine-channel amp, the upgrade is justified in the event that you enjoy listening to music while on the move.

All C-Class Coupes have a 400-litre boot, apart from the C 63 and C 63 S variants, which is 50-litres smaller than both the BMW 4 Series and the Audi A5. The C63 has even less room for luggage, just 355 litres.

What Mercedes have done with the new C-Class is something remarkable. Mercedes vehicles have never been dull and boring anyways, but the new vehicle has certainly taken a giant leap in being exquisitely luxurious and being full of quality.

Just like the Saloon, the Roadster is a very safe car. It has seven airbags; a driver tiredness monitor and tyre-pressure warning all as standard. Euro NCAP has given it a five-star crash test rating.