Mercedes-Benz E-Class – The Premium Luxury Saloon

Mercedes-Benz E-Class 3
May 19

The premium saloon on the Mercedes model line-up

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Mercedes-Benz is preparing to make its entry into the future of the automobiles and they have selected the E series to take a big step into the future. In the tenth generation, Mercedes has decided to deliver it best and the design has been highlighted with different look and features.

There are a number of new innovative technologies and marks have been introduced to the new E-Class. They are comfortable, safe driving on a new level dimension in driver assistance. The vehicle comes complete with infotainment and control system offering all new experience.

The entirely developed E-Class diesel engine sets efficiency in this segment in combination with lightweight construction and optimum aerodynamic figures. An optional new multi-chamber air suspension system additionally outstanding ride comfort together with first-class driving dynamics.

If we conclude the sum of the innovative technologies on the E-Class, the Active Lane Change Assistant is one of the most advanced systems which allows the driver to select the lane. This system makes the E-Class most intelligent saloon in the executive class.

It is expected that the starting price would be around 45,500 in the UK market. The Prices is more comparable and slightly higher than those of the previous model. The New Mercedes Benz class will be in dealer showrooms from April 2016.

The new Mercedes-Benz E class is complicated, confidently stylish and dynamic

As compare to Inventor, its wheelbase length has grown by 65 millimeter2939/2874, its overall length by 43 millimetres 4923/4880. The increase in space to the benefit of all passengers. With slight exclusions, the boot capacity has been preserved at the outstanding level of integration in the previous model.

Design: Dynamic, exciting, powerful

The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class is clear, stylishness and dynamically physically looks, visibly reflects the current values of the premium brand at the same time radiating a high tech character. The design of the saloon is more stylish and defining and superior.

A well-defined edges display a fresh, stylish, and dynamic description of the article line, which develops from the headlamps and extends over the whole vehicle length. Short overhangs, long wheelbase and large wheels the athletic character of the vehicle.

The distance from the front wheel arch to the door opening, which is the measure of comfort, is exceptionally large of the New E-Class confirming its unique position. A sculptural reverse curve in the lower region of the doors and in bumper visually feature line a stylistic tension.

Low stretched looking side windows, surrounded by high-grade aluminium trim around the window outlined also contribute to the muscularly stretched vehicle body, which appears to be more compact than it actually. The E-Class symmetrically embodies the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of sensual purity.

New engine generation redefining efficiency

The more powerful and efficient petrol and diesel engine. All equipped with ECO start/stop function and allow with Euro 6 standard, provide for performance and great fun at the wheel including a newly developed four-cylinder diesel engine.

The E 200 d model of the new E-Class will be available with all new four-cylinder diesel engine, while the E 200 will be powered by a four-cylinder petrol engine and the E 350 d by a six-cylinder diesel.

The model initially, the E 200 d models of the new E-Class will be available with an all-new four-cylinder diesel engine, while the E 200 will be powered by a four-cylinder petrol engine and the E 350 d by a six-cylinder diesel. The model variant will be added to the range.

And they will include the all-new Mercedes E350e with an electric powertrain. This plugin Hybrid impresses with dynamics and efficiency, around about 30-kilometre of all-electric and therefore locally emission-free driving.

Its four cylinders petrol engine, in combination with the powerful electric motor, gives it a total system output of 210 kW (286hp) with the torque of 550 Nm. All this system make the 350e a capable vehicle which achieves the performance of a sports car.

Consume less fuel and small, compact class car. This saloon is very competent and more useful which makes our life easier. Mercedes undoubtedly is the best and a nice car.