New app cuts insurance costs for Vans

Van-Insurance 30
Jan 14

Good news for van drivers as a black box app from Direct Line could save van drivers up to 15 per cent on their insurance costs

This new free to use smartphone app called DrivePlus Van for business users. It uses the GPS function on a smartphone and records driving behaviour during journeys and could mean discounts of up to 15 per cent in insurance for van drivers. A black box-type device that monitor a driver’s behaviour on the road such as speed, cornering and braking and records it for insurance purposes which means driver with better driving behaviour will be awarded with lower insurance premium.
This app is popular among private car users in high-risk categories, such as younger drivers or those do short journeys. This app is also popular among van drivers and van fleet managers, as they help to encourage safer driving, hence cheaper, lower-risk van insurance premiums. In fact, US-based market research company ABI Research estimates that there will be more than 107million insurance policies using telematics-based monitoring systems by 2018.
The DrivePlus Van is different from conventional black box monitoring insurance policies as it doesn’t require a ‘black box’ GPS tracking device to be installed in your vehicle. It simply uses your phone to monitor your driving. It is also more easy to use and there isn’t a permanent fixture in your vehicle. Once a user has covered 300 miles in their van, they are given a score out of 100(100 being the maximum you can get). After the score a promotional discount code is shown to them which they can claim via the Direct Line for Business website or on the telephone.
Using this app a driver can also choose which journeys they log, or can untag any journeys that might have been on public transport or as a passenger in another car. It allows you to see the details of your journey, such as the time it takes, the distance travelled, and your driving score. Jasvinder Gakhal at Direct Line for Business said: “We’re bringing telematics technology to owners of single vans in an easy-to-use app. With capital still stretched for many small businesses, owners of commercial vans are understandably concerned about the costs and risks of operating their vehicle. Telematics encourages responsible driving and through our app this can earn drivers a significant discount on their insurance.”