Nissan Kick Starts a Revolution with Kicks

Nissan Kicks 24
Aug 16

A Latin American Affair from Nissan

Nissan Kicks Targets Jeep

The Nissan Kicks isn’t made for Europe yet it could be bought and sold because it’s so wonderful it stands up to rivals and is better than a Ford Eco sport and dynamically competitive with vehicles like the Jeep Renegade. Of course, slight adjustments and variations would need to be made such as a different choice of engine including a diesel option and then it would be all set to go. The model is Latin American and is a small SUV.

Not Coming to the UK

The Kicks has been leveled with models like the Juke and Qashqai, X trail and the Murano which won’t be sold in the UK. The model is expected to be sold in Latin America and then later go on sale in 80 countries around the world. This model also won’t be sold in the UK or Europe. It seems that Nissan are assured that the Juke which will arrive next year will be enough for the UK and so the Kicks is not for sale in the UK.

The Nissan V platform that the Kicks sits on is from the same set of parts as the pre existing Micra. Although it’s not the most updated it is definitely strong enough as a technical bundle for Latin America. It’s also appealing when it comes to price in comparison to other models.

Impressive Outwards and Inwards

The outward appearance of the vehicle is quite impressive and appropriate for where it is being sold. It is 4,295mm long which is 160mm longer then the Juke and 1,590mm taller. It can be judged as is a mix of the Juke and Qashqai. There is a distinctive hump surrounding the rear wheel arch and the tail lights have a curvy style which is a blend of Jukes style with a sway element giving it a touch of the next generation Micra. This sway is around the headlights and the front grille and adds an extra touch of style to the model.

All in all, the look of the model is stylish and neat and we have to give praise where it’s due. The roof has a floating style made by a faded out C-pillar which is available in black and contrasting colors. In all honestly the Ford Eco sport looks old and out of style in comparison with the Nissan Kicks.

Engine Options

With this model only one engine is being provided at the launch and that is the 1.6-litre petrol engine which produces 113bhp and 152Nm Torque. These are the figures for the Brazilian-spec car yet the Latin America one differs slightly with 118bhp and 149Nm torque. In case you’re wondering what the difference is, the Brazilian car has been slightly adjusted to fit in with the country’s heavy ethanol fuel mix. As well as that there’s a hear system which is inbuilt so no petrol needs to be added to the sub tank when needed a cold start.

With the Brazilian version of the Kicks there is a CVT transmission which in Nissan language is called Xtronic. The Latin American cars are also on offer with a five-speed gearbox that is manually run and although the nature of the roads is rough in most of the areas the Kicks will be selling the drive in front wheel only.

Lots of Technology

There are some technical extras to the Kicks which really are quite interesting. They are made to help cope with the roughness of the roads and some of them include the Active trace control which is a feature that brakes mid corner keeping the car in line. As well as this you have Active ride control, this uses the brakes when the car hits a hump or bump in order to reduce the reaction of the vehicle without having to install an active damper system. The active damper system is an expensive addition so it’s a bonus to not have to get it fitted.

When on the road, the drive feel of the Kicks is basic and it’s a reasonably comfortable drive on the rough roads compared to other vehicles. Corners are dealt with flatly and the potholes and speed bumps are under control and although there are still wobbles and the like, it is controlled in quick timing.

The car felt more rudimentary the Eco sport but this isn’t surprising considering the similarities the Eco sport has with the Fiesta. The Torque is low and the power is sapped by the CVT and if you try to make speed progress you will find that the revs rocket unnaturally. To reach 60mph on this engine is no smooth matter. It needs a combination of determination, patience and a tolerant driver. Once you get there it’s much smoother and calm.

The solution would be to change the engine to a 1.2 turbo but that would make the price shoot up and one of the attractive features of the Kicks is the price and affordability.

Nice Interior

When it comes to the interior there is a nice combination of other Nissan models, an attractive display of colour between the speedometer and rev counter that shows you literally everything that you want to know from computer information to sat nav directions, if the navigation is set of course.

The more up to date models have replaced this with a seven inch TFT display and a speedo dial and the radio has a central colour screen. Overall, the finish is well done and even better than the Juke.

Plenty of Boot Space

The rear seating is quite high and the extra tall passengers would be slightly uncomfortable but aside from that up to 6 feet is no problem. There is a decent amount of space in the front cabin and there is a boot capacity of 383 liters which we think is good for a Nissan vehicle. Nissan themselves consider this as an advantage as well as the hooks on both sides that can hold over 3kg each.