See you in court! European Union tells Britain

EU to drag Britain to Court 28
Feb 14


  • EU taking UK to court for having too high levels No3 from diesel engines
  • EU’s target was supposed to be met by 2010
  • UK government expects to meet it by 2025

The United Kingdom is in trouble over its failure to meet EU limits on nitrogen dioxide in the air by 2010 and the European Commission is taking the UK to court for having too high levels of this harmful gas from diesel engines. The UK Government doesn’t expect the country to fulfill this standard until 2025. EU claims that levels of nitrogen dioxide; primarily from diesel engines of cars and trucks, are “excessive” in many British cities, and this can cause fatal respiratory illnesses and premature deaths. Britain has found it really hard to control this gas and this is the first time EU is taking action against any member state for such a breach.