UK drivers will enjoy the world’s safest Lorries with monster engines on the roads by 2022

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May 14

EU laws to make Radical truck redesigns with same engines to enhance visibility and decrease crash deaths

These Lorries will be safer, aerodynamically stronger and would be available in UK by 2022, but it would only be possible if new EU laws are approved and permitted to build new Lorries. A draft policy to redesigning the radical trucks has been backed up by the MEPs and it is purely for the existing ‘brick’-profiled Lorries. These brick type Lorries have a serious flaw in their design and that is the ‘blind spots’, causing sever damages, sometimes, even life. But now the EU has finally decided to redesign the cabin of Lorries without decreasing any power of engines that will help to improve the visibility and reduce the rates of accidents in future.

It is a plan to replace older nose and wind screens with wider screens and rounded noses to eliminate the blind spots in the design. Rounded nose and crumple zone at the front will make it safer for others using the same road, such as, pedestrians, and cyclists. Its new design would be sleeker than ever before to ensure good fuel efficiency and well reduced carbon emissions.


The proposed changes are needed to be considered by the national governments of EU members and results will be declared in May, after EU elections. If all governments support the policy then after seven years this policy will turn into a law for life and will allocate time to the haulage companies to redesign and upgrade their fleets.

Currently, haulers are spending thousands to decrease the accident rates but they are still account for almost 15% of fatal accidents. The FTA (The Freight and Transport Association) is sporting the policy but managing director of policy and membership, James Hookham said; “It has to be achieved without reducing payload, otherwise more journeys would have to be made – which would result in more congestion and emissions.”

The Department for Transport spokesman said: “Making HGVs safer is a priority for the Government.”

We have placed a prototype as featured image from Transport & Environment group; let’s see how it gives enhanced security for other transport: these designs are aerodynamically stronger and will save the haulers, thousands in fuel even with same engines. It will use larger cabins to facilitate the drivers with massive room and as the visibility was the main concern for drivers, the new design will offer better visibility because of larger screens.

Let’s wait and see how these new policy drafts help us on the road to save our tiny darlings from these angry bulls running everywhere.