Vauxhall Zafira Engine Brilliance and Some New Features

Vauxhall Zafira 6
Jul 17

Diesel engines provide the required punch and economy at same time

After five years, Vauxhall Zafira got a facelift and thus offers something new to the buyers. Another notable upgrade is infotainment system and all the remaining is same. So expecting a huge difference with these tweaks seems quite unrealistic. The driving experience has not changed because of the previous engine, gearbox and chassis continued with the new model.

Good comfort and precise handling

On the highways and smooth tracks, the vehicle ensures comfort and right kind of handling. The springs are not that soft and allow body roll to remain under control. The urban patchy tracks would surely jolt the passengers of this MPV.

The driver needs to keep it reasonably slow in order to avoid uncomfortable ride for people in the cabin. The dashboard has received the new look by creating space for the touchscreen infotainment system that is similar to that of Astra. It is well in reach as well that has been welcomed by most of the buyers. Though some of the icons are on the wrong side and make it tricky to select an option.

Zafira Engine Range

The base level 1.4-Litre petrol engine is not that impressive and recommended diesel options include 1.6-Litre and 2.0-Litre Diesel Engine. Both are good at performance and provide you with the required punch while holding the steering.

Feeling you get is not of modern machines and when you start them in cold weather, they sound very lethargic until reaching their real sound. In normal weather, the refinement seems good but it is not the case in winter. Another thing about the engine is an acceleration as it takes the time to respond to your command on the pedal.

Interior layout and material is up to the mark

The quality of stuff is magnificent that has been brought in use to build the interior. The soft touch plastic provides the desired level of finishing for most parts of the cabin. Android Auto-connectivity, DAB radio and Apple CarPlay are standard. You can use your smartphone rather than pay for built-in satellite navigation.

The two seats in the last row also have good legroom to avoid cramping. Though other vehicles of this class do not offer this liberty to riders even then, the rearmost seats are suitable for children more than for grownups.

Stylish exterior with new tweaks make an impression

Petrol engines prove a bit expensive to run but the Vauxhall diesel engine is fuel efficient and more environment-friendly as it emits 134g/km carbon dioxide in comparison to the earlier machines it is quite low. The performance of the later is also remarkable especially you get the power to overtake on a smooth road. Lightweight and responsive steering allow you to park it easily as well as the driving on town roads becomes fun.

Stop and start system is available in some models to make sure no extra fuel consumption due to traffic block or any other reason. The affluent look of this vehicle of seven passengers carries on while you experience driving or riding because of improved interior settings and technology features.