With the Upgrade 2019 Mercedes-Benz V-Class Gets a Power Boost

Mercedes-Benz V-Class 12
Apr 19

The company has made things even more desirable in this MPV with some major and minor changes

Mercedes launched the V-Class in 2014 and now it has been facelifted. There have been changes in the exterior design and the cabin. But the one which concerns the buyer the most is its Mercedes-Benz V-Class engine which has got some good news. The previous 2.1-litre engine is revised and it is engineered to give more power to the two trims.

The unit is not new but it certainly now promises more power and performance according to the size of this van. The V250d will produce 187 bhp which is not new but it is new for this trim. Then the V300d is now able to give 236 bhp with the timing of 7.9 sec for 0-62 mph run.

Here is where things have really changed. The fuel economy has also been improved from the previous one and it is claimed as being 13% more economical. To help out the engine further there is also a change in the gearbox. There was a seven-speed automatic gear change associated which is now a nine-speed unit.

There is a rear-wheel drive as standard while four-wheel drive is also there as an option. These are really amazing updates which this new version has received and with such a capable company like Mercedes, you can expect such brilliance.

Other changes which are notable

The exterior body

Although the restyling over here is minor it as it changes the outlook it is important in that way. The front has got some tweaks like the bumper shape change and the air inlets shape changed. Both these changes have given the body a more aggressive and a wider radiator grill.

There are four more colors added to the range and a nice set of fresh designed different size alloy wheels. So there is more style added and more flare also. Your boring work can become interesting with these choices.

The interior gets more revisions

The changes took place inside are more appreciable. These are related to interior comfort, space and most of all refreshed technology. The standard V-Class vehicles are offered with six seat layout with a dashing dashboard with a 10.25-inch infotainment screen and the digital instrument option. There are also turbine air vents on the dashboard for this update.

The seating configurations are there and for the option, you can add seven or eight seats inside. This flexibility really makes things handier inside. Then there are plenty of features added for the safety of the occupiers. Driver’s assistance tools are also added so that no mishap happens in case of any negligence.

Inside features described in detail

For the section of the driver’s assistance and safety side, there are new things added to make the people carrier safer as many lives depend on it. There is a semi-autonomous braking system which applies brakes if there is a possible collision going to happen due to the driver not responding to such a threat.

Then another one is the high beam assist which makes the main beam to deactivate some LEDs so as to avoid blinding the oncoming driver. Luxury seats for the second row as an option are also there. These can lie down fully so that the passage becomes wider for the back seats. Although as an option but the UK markets are foreseen to offer it as a separate trim.

The Fuel consumption figures

This is another area where buyers fail or pass a commercial use vehicle. For Mercedes V-Class the figures are not the same for every model. The fuel consumption figures vary according to the trim level. The two-wheel drive cars are said to return more fuel economy. Also, the CO2 emissions are also in the desired range so there is no threat to buying this diesel van.

The V 250d is particularly said to gain fuel economy by 13 percent over the last model. Fuel consumption figure is also said to differ according to the size variation one chooses. The more an engine has to work the more fuel it will burn. The 2.1-litre power plant is a four-cylinder supported so it certainly offers more power and reduces pressure on the engine.

The convenience of the driver and the passengers

There is a really good space at the front which is enough for a tall driver also. At the back, the passengers are treated as honorable guests. It is a Mercedes remember, so it has a luxury in the cabin plus an up class feel. This one does come expensive but then there are things to prove the price worth asking.

This one is mostly purchased for special passengers like celebrities or alike. The controls and functions are in easy reach and clear. The driver does not have to do a lot of hard work to get to a setting in the infotainment screen. So this Mercedes is actually work combined with entertainment and fun. These traits certainly give a boost to the inside environment.

The handling side gives a nice experience

The company has done the right job for this section also. The steering is kept light and accurate. You can turn the vehicle as much as you can in town and it will not lose balance. The outward visibility is superb. The reason is that the driver is seated high and the positioning is right of the driver’s seat.

These are very important when large transport is to be handled. The brakes are kept at a good pedal pressure and they activate towards the middle. A large vehicle if stopped suddenly will cause accidental issues and to avoid them the brakes have to be in action slowly. The moves and speed of the vehicle have to be in a controlled manner.

Imagine if it starts behaving like a sedan then there will be a clumsy series of action irrupting from it which is dangerous too. But it is overall refined than others in the category and also with smart suspension, the cabin remains peaceful and calm mostly.