Audi A6 2017

Feb 17

The Upcoming Audi A6 2017 Specs

The next generation Audi A6 will most probably be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany in September 2017. The new Audi promises genuine bolder looks. The German manufacturer company claims that the car is sure to outstand the market because of its top-notch style and features. An honest review of this model from the details we gathered from press release and concept model is as under.

Engine Range and Transmission

A6 does not fail to impress us at all in what it is going to offer under that bonnet. We can foresee a range of engines in both petrol and diesel capacities to hit the market. Optimal engine options will be at your disposal soon. A 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine has been the most famous version as of the current Audi A6 with maximum sales. It is thought to be the same for the upcoming model as well. This diesel engine is likely to have the latest Electric supercharger technology. A six-cylinder variant of diesel is supposed to follow this version. Options are open with a Four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine.

Audi lovers are also looking forward to the plug-in hybrid A6 e-tron. This hybrid looks promising with an all-electric range of around 30 miles along with unmatched fuel economy and extremely low CO2 emission figures. The engine is a quiet one not giving a hint of noise making driving it a carefree ride. A manual gearbox will not be offered instead only seven or eight-speed dual-clutch automatics will be the option.

Design and Looks

The New Audi A6 is where class meets elegance. So, much effort has been put in the making of this masterpiece that it is. The new trim and cuts speak for themselves. A6 boasts sharp bold features under the label of rings. The brand is best known for its unmatched quality, cutting edge technology and comfort level that it offers. And this brand new model has kept the tradition.

The new looks were previewed in 2014 by the Audi Prologue concept car which was presented at the Los Angeles Motor Show. Some features which are considered trademark for Audi are well expected to be the part of this upcoming edition as well. Like the single frame grille and daytime running light. Some major changes in the outer look of the car are quite possible including more sculptured and muscular figure, deep curves and creases and prominent chrome detailing. The interior of the car will be seen with slight changes in the dashboard design and a few updates in the infotainment system. We expect better spacious cabin in the upcoming car.

Release Date

As of now, there is no news on the exact date of release of this model. The brand new A6 is likely to make an entry at the big event of “Germany’s Frankfurt Motor Show” which will be held in September later this year. After the official unveiling of the model, preorders/ sales are most likely to start in the beginning of 2018.