Audi TT – A Sporty Compact Coupe with More Masculine Body

Audi TT Coupe 1
Oct 18

Audi TT gets smaller updates and all standard equipment to keep the TT fresh for ages

In the late 90s, Audi decided to cover its fans who were after budgeted sports cars, the TT was the best solution for that problem. It was introduced as a sporty compact coupe with two doors and both roof options – a hardtop and a convertible. The latest generation was introduced in 2014 at Geneva motor show and now after five years, the Audi TT is entering into 2019 with mild refresh package. Audi has an updated interior and exclusively refined exterior to give an exclusively fine look in the class. A new seven-speed transmission has been introduced on the model.

The 2019 TT takes a number of styling cues and a majority of these cues are inspired from the R8 models. New TT has tons of sharpness, bold shapes and lines make it more dashing than the models offered in the past. All these styling cues help the Audi TT to standout in the segment as a refined model. Audi says the new TT has a more masculine and bold exterior with even sportier features than the models offered in the past.

Regardless of the previous models, Audi TT 2019 is definitely an excellent model and it borrows its visual looks from the R8 model and it is worth mentioning that the TT cockpit has been pushed back as compare to the previous models. 2019 TT is still a pretty model to be offered in 2019.

Audi TT Performance

If you would push the throttle down a bit hard, the TT would hit the 60 miles per hour mark in just 5.4 seconds. With the new refined Audi TT engines, this number has been dropped to 4.6 seconds. Audi declined to offer any information on the 2019 TT model engines but it can be safely said that the 2019 Audi TT engines would be the same units used on the previous models and would be carried over with a smaller refresh.

It is assumed that the 2019 TT would come with a 2.0-litre TFSI four-cylinder engine. This engine is capable of generating 220hp between 4500 to 6000 rpm and has a hefty torque of just under 260 lb-ft starts flowing from only 1600 rpm. Audi claims that the TT has a top speed of only 130 miles per hour. The standard spec models would include Quattro all-wheel-drive system and the buyers outside the country would get the AWD Quattro as an option.

Although all the powertrain details are yet to be announced by the automaker there are some rumors floating in the market, that the 2.0-litre Audi TT Diesel Engines would be the main part of the powertrain where the power ranges would be different. There would be 197bhp, variation, with a hefty torque of 236 lb-ft and it would come in the 40 TFSI models. For the 45 TFSI, this power would be increased to 245bhp along with the torque delivery of 272lb-ft. the TTS models would get even better power delivery with a 306hp of power and a torque of 295 lb-ft.

Moving forward, the TT 2019, for sure will come with a dual-clutch transmission and seven speed S tronic system. It has been noticed that usually people come for Audi TT reconditioned engines and they don’t get what actually they want. It is advised that they must opt trusted engine reconditioners in the market and get services from him. In the UK market, it is very easy to source an Audi TT replacement engine these days.