BMW 116i Engine Delivers Notable Energy

BMW 116i 26
Mar 19

Revising the Impression of Small Size Hatchbacks

BMW has depicted things very differently from the start until now. What the market take as low in every aspect, BMW raises its level. For the kick-off of 1 series, the carmaker has done the same. It is at the start and we know that, but you may not notice it when you are inside it and drive it through different surfaces and speeds. You look at it and it will be difficult to tell its ordinal placement in the series.

You get inside and leave with the same impression. It is a specialty of this brand that even the beginning trims are not left behind in formulating the higher ones. So if taken in this sense, the company produces cars for a customer of every level. The ones who have the ability can own any car but for the ones who are expenditure conscious can also get the taste.

BMW 116i is within reach not because of its price, also because it is economical to run and maintain. BMW 116i engines are admired and are worth the praise in every way. Easy replacement is available in the market with reconditioned BMW 116i engines at hand. These are made for even better performance and affordability.

The engine generates a good level torque

Engine fitted under the bonnet is four-cylinder petrol. It produces 136 bhp and 220 Nm of torque. The time it takes to reach from 0-100 km/h is 10.7 secs. Till now there is nothing excited about what has been written but there is still more to come. It is attached to an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The torque mentioned above starts to show its presence from 1350 rpm and reaches the climax at 4300 rpm. As any other BMW, this one is also not tired and let the driver rev more if needed. There will be no sign of fatigue or resistance from the engine. BMW 116i lets you enjoy the real essence of 1 series which is speed

The gear shift is also flawless making gaining speed and slowing down not a problem at all. This vehicle is fit for the regular town driving and also it does not at all restrict the owner from taking it to the highway. The engine is quite plus it takes the car from A to B with petrol excellence and environment-friendly.

The salient features

Apart from the engine, there is a good list of other things to admire in this starter. One, it is a differently styled BMW. There are no traces of that traditional trademark for the design. You may or may not like the exterior as it is subjected to personal choice being out of routine.

The interior has got many things you cannot resist to appreciate. But be very clear in mind that you are going inside a beginning trim. The layout is logical for the driver and the passengers. There are the luxury and the good quality of materials utilized. There is a sporty character in the cabin which makes it compliant to the purpose of its built.

The space at the front is good and not that bad at the back also. But as it is a small car range you have to compromise for it a little if you are a tall person.

How safe is BMW 116i

There is no doubt in the safety of occupiers of a BMW as this company give attention to every necessary thing needed to make the passengers comfortable inside. The safety features installed as standard include six airbags, 3 point centre belt, ABS, side impact bars, traction control, ESP and belt tensioners in case of any expected collision.

Apart from these, the automatic systems are also included giving the extra surety needed for making the inside safe in an uncertain situation.