BMW 520d Shares ZF 8HP Transmission with Countless Cars

BMW 520d engine 18
Jul 19

BMW uses eight-speed automatic transmission in its 520d models making it a seriously great transmission

The automatic transmission produced by the German transmission makers ZF Group is being used in a countless number of models across the globe. Many car brands are using the ZF 8HP transmission in their models including BMW using the transmission in several models. The BMW 520d gearbox comes in many arrangements in other models of BMW and it has more than 25 arrangements across the model range of the ZF 8HP automatic transmission. It is, in other words, a seriously great eight.

This transmission comes in a $400,000 worth Rolls Royce Phantom to an Audi version and indeed the BMW 5series models. It is an automotive extravagance in other words and optimizes the blue-collar working-class values. Under the bodies of the vehicles, ZF 8HP automatic transmissions control the power coming from the engines of the vehicles. BMW 520d is not the alone model in BMW even if you consider the counts of the models, body types, drivelines and even the engine configurations, the number of models will be there which are using the ZF 8HP transmission.

The popularity of the 8HP transmission and 2.0-litre BMW 520d engine isn’t all that surprising, the current vehicle industry is running on the ZF transmissions and these transmissions are adding more speed to the vehicles, help efficiency and extra gears allow the widespread of ratios while keeping the engine revving at low speed, possibly saving fuel and delivering extra performance.

What makes the 520d a surprisingly versatile vehicle?

The popularity of the 8HP transmission system isn’t all surprising and giving the model more versatility and help the model to bring higher transmission efficiency. Extra gears allow wider ratios and staggering versatility. ZF sells these transmissions as a kit to the automakers and develops these transmissions to work in a unique constraint of BMW. ZF allows to keep the costs low and maximizes the potential use.

ZF says about 520d gearboxes

According to the ZF, manufacturer of the great 8HP transmissions system, the 8 speed 520d gearbox has fewer parts than the previously used 6HP transmissions, it has excellent fuel economy and extreme power handling capabilities. At the same time, the 8HP transmissions are capable of fitting in the same package where the predecessors were fitted. There were no major structural issues or changes made after the introduction of 8HP transmissions. The gearbox manufacturer works closely with the automakers and designs the transmissions according to the needs of the automakers.

On the gearbox software side, ZF works even closely with BMW and works to adjust the transmission’s calibration things electronically and shift strategy on higher speed to make swift gear shifts. The options on both 8HP and even modern transmissions have gone beyond the programming now. Different clutch pads have been used and depending on the torque requirements, transmission can be adjusted. The 8HP transmission in the BMW 520d engines can control more than 700 lb-ft of torque in different configurations. This transmission is one of the most versatile gearboxes and works easily with the hybrid systems too. Currently, the BMW 520d gearboxes have won numerous awards since the launch of the transmission, and it continues to make its way into new models every year. The models fitted with the 8HP transmissions are smoother than expected and you would never even notice when it has changed the gears. Shuffling between the gears is just awesome and even the engine does not feel that it is running in lower revs and moving the vehicle over 100 miles per hour, the reason is the most advanced technology has been used in the development.