BMW 520d is one of the Most Demandable and Appreciated Vehicle from 5 Series

BMW 520d Engine for Sale 13
Jul 20

It has been found good for daily commuting as well as for the weekend long-distance drive BMW 5 series saloon 520d categorized as one of the top mid-level executive vehicles. We all know SUVs are more appealing now a day and scepticism about diesel engine carbon emission has made things harder but this car with […]

BMW 520d Shares ZF 8HP Transmission with Countless Cars

BMW 520d engine 18
Jul 19

BMW uses eight-speed automatic transmission in its 520d models making it a seriously great transmission The automatic transmission produced by the German transmission makers ZF Group is being used in a countless number of models across the globe. Many car brands are using the ZF 8HP transmission in their models including BMW using the transmission […]

BMW 520, Every Model Has Improved in Performance

BMW 520d 21
Dec 18

After years of use the engines do not remain as efficient as they were earlier The appearance of BMW cars are not as focused as the driving ease, engine power and engine performance are. That is why the exterior does not allow you to easily identify the different models of BMW 520d and its siblings […]